Top Tips to Successfully Launch a Product or Service at a Virtual Event

The world may be returning to normal, and the COVID-19 pandemic might be dying down, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to organize big live events anytime soon. Well, you might be able to, but it still might not be the most prudent decision. One of the 2021 event industry trends is that outdoor venues will become the new normal, but even the clear outdoor air might not be enough to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you want to keep your audience and your employees safe, maybe a better idea would be to stick with virtual events, just for the time being. But don’t worry, virtual events are perfect for launching a new product and service, especially for engaging both local and global audiences. A virtual event should also be a part of your multi-channel marketing approach, so it fits just right into your overall strategy.

That said, let’s put everything into perspective and take a look at how you can launch a product or a service successfully at your next virtual event.

Start by building hype before the reveal

The virtual event should be the pinnacle of your marketing campaign for your new product or service, it shouldn’t be the start. Many business leaders and marketers will make the common mistake of focusing solely on the event, that they completely forget about the importance of pre-reveal teasers, community engagement, and general hype buildup. These are all crucial elements of your campaign that will ensure your virtual event is a success. If nothing else, building the necessary hype will ensure people actually save the date and show up for the event, and that they’re interested enough to stick around until the end. Because remember, if you don’t have a decent pre-reveal strategy, people might still come, but they might not be engaged enough or motivated to stay. To make your new product or service a success, make sure to build hype with new landing pages, new visual and written content, social media posts, and email blasts.

Know everything about the product or service

At the event, people will want an in-depth look at the new product or service, they will want to get as much fresh information as possible, and they will ask the hard questions. Be sure of that. So, you need to come prepared. Whether you are hiring professional presenters or if you are coordinating with a remote marketing team to create a detailed plan and choose the best in-house presenters, these people need to know everything about the product.

That said, it’s not enough to just know the product, they also have to know exactly what they can and cannot say, how much information to share all at once, and how to keep the audience engaged throughout. It’s a nuanced process and it will require considerable practice, planning, and trial and error before the event – so allocate enough time and talent for this purpose.

Broadcast in high definition

Whether people are joining from their computer, mobile phone, or any other device, they will want to get an amazing, immersive experience. Picture and sound quality are non-negotiable here, nor will they stick around if there are any technical problems on your end. That’s why your video conferencing solution needs to prioritize full-HD video and audio equipment, a stellar internet connection, quality microphones, and more. Remember, you can’t just start a live virtual event from your iPhone, that won’t do.

Remember that launching a product or a new service virtually instantly raises the bar higher, because you are not just chatting with your audience, you are revealing something that you poured time, money, and passion into over many months. So, don’t settle for anything less than stellar quality, because your hard work deserves better.

Intersperse with high-quality animations

If you want to take your presentation to the next level, consider creating high-quality animations to complement the whole thing and keep your millennial audience interested. Actually, no matter the audience you’re trying to engage in, video animations serve as a great way to illustrate what the presenters are talking about and bring the story to life.

This can be a simple animation that jumps in with your key talking points to drive the point home and give the audience a visual representation of what you’re talking about, instead of just letting them picture it themselves. For example, if you were launching a new app, you would use an animation or a pre-recorded snippet to show the audience how the exact features work.

Showcase real-world examples and uses

Once everyone is acquainted with the new product or service, you want to seal the deal by showing them real-world examples of how they can make their lives easier, help them achieve their goals, and why your audience need this solution in their lives. This is the tricky part, because people will probably be coming to your event from various niches and industries, so you need to showcase as many uses as possible.

To make these segments as relevant for your audience as you can, make sure to know whom you’re talking to. For example, during the sign-up period in the weeks and months leading up to the event, have your audience members fill out a field stating the industry they’re in and what they do. This way, you will be able to prepare real-world examples within their sector to sell them on your amazing product.

Over to you

It’s not easy running a successful virtual event, but when it comes to revealing a new product or service, the stakes are even higher. Make sure to do it right by following these tips and organizing an unforgettable event that will generate leads and boost sales in 2021.



Sophia Smith is a lifestyle and social media blogger, and graphic and UX designer. She is an aesthete and photography lover by heart who absolutely loves everything that includes visual communication. Lately, Sophia  writes about digital marketing topics, from content to social. She has contributed to a number of publications including Women Love Tech, Leader Maker, Legal Reader, BizCover, Businessing Mag, Ruby Connection, Monterey Premier, Pix Teller and many others. You can find out more about her writing by following her on Twitter.


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