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Bring clarity and confidence to your personal and professional transformation.


I love using hypnosis to help my clients connect with their higher self to identify and clear obstacles holding them back in life and in business. 

My goal is to help you tap into your magic within, accelerate your growth and achieve a renewed mindset.

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Feeling burnt-out, confused, stuck, uninspired, or have fear of the unknown? Do you have a pattern of self-sabotage?  It’s time for a mindset reset.

My mission is to help Entrepreneurs re-train their thought processes, move from resistance to acceptance, and go from confusion to clarity. The work we do is transformative.

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Ready to establish a powerful Personal Brand that lets people know who you are and what you stand for? I help Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders create a brand identity that differentiates them from the competition, spotlights their signature formula for success, increases their visibility, establishes credibility, and attracts their ideal client.

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When we work on our mindset and get clear on our goals everything else will blossom.

This is the ultimate journey for the Entrepreneur who wants to reset personally so that they can thrive professionally with clear intention, purpose, and excitement!

The work we do here and the blueprint that you will leave with is a true gift to yourself and your business that will put you on the path to ultimate growth.

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Chelsea is known for her contagious energy, her unique experience, and her ability to take you on a learning journey full of insight, inspiration, and tangible takeaways that leave the audience thinking differently, creatively charged, and empowered to take action!

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For the past 15 years, Chelsea has worked with brands in various creative ways thanks to her robust service offerings and experience.

From broadcast satellite media tours to digital social media campaigns to a custom bundle package that fits your needs, Chelsea has tons to offer!

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