Mindset & Personal Development Coaching

My mission is to move you from confusion to clarity, strategy, and confidence.

If you are currently feeling burnt-out, confused, stuck, uninspired, or have fear of the unknown, I am here for you.


  • reset your mindset: learn to quiet the thoughts in your head, re-frame how you think and how you respond to a challenge
  • harness your inner compass: learn to channel and listen to your intuition
  • move from a present negative state into a positive desired state
  • respond to personal triggers that impact your mood, confidence, and stress
  • discover and define what you want to do professionally
  • motivate yourself to remain consistent
  • work smarter not harder so that you can achieve work-life balance
  • set healthy boundaries and better communicate with others
  • feel fulfilled and aligned with your true passion and purpose

Once you have the tools from our time together you will be forever changed in how you think, connect, and create! You are your only limit and this work will help you to achieve self-actualization.


  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Sales  Professionals, Employees, Thought Leaders, Small Business Owners
  • Those in pursuit of strengthening self-awareness, self-understanding, personal skills, and eager to propel their growth and transformation.
  • Working and not working mothers looking for greater fulfillment, clarity, and a change in your personal and professional life. 
  • Organizations, Corporations, and Businesses looking to strengthen their employee’s skill set, employee  engagement, and employee productivity.

My Coaching Method

Personal Growth rarely happens in a straight line… the Personal Growth Cycle looks more like:

Modalities That Inspire My Coaching Method: NLP: Neuro-Linguistics Programming | Mindfulness | Rainbow Reality Method | Hypnosis

Coaching packages vary due to your specific needs.

Client Love

“Chelsea’s coaching was truly transformative. As a therapist myself it takes a lot to wow me especially since I have done plenty of healing work already, but Chelsea had such a way of gently helping me shift my mindset. She held space for me to process my feelings while also giving me tough love when I needed it. She is genuine, and passionate and has such a natural gift for seeing blind spots. She helped me give myself permission to take a break from a business venture I was feeling internally obligated to pursue. In that release of pressure, I was able to get re-grounded, meet my own needs and gain clarity around what I really wanted. And it turns out, once the sense of obligation was lifted, I rediscovered my passion to pursue that business dream I originally had resistance around and am now diving in with such inspiration and excitement. I feel more balanced and like I am finally choosing it for myself. I can’t thank Chelsea enough for knowing exactly what I needed and supporting me every step of the way.”

Marisa Hughes
Maternal Mental Health and Trauma Therapist

“Suffering from severe panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety, working with Chelsea and her signature tool, The Rainbow Reality Method, allowed me to refocus my mindset in a simple, straightforward way. I usually quit halfway through or even find it daunting to even begin practices that ask me to open up, but the concise steps had me whizzing right through and thinking clearly. It‘s like having a conversation with a close friend, but that friend is actually yourself, promoting a dependable dialogue that is there to help you through at any given moment. I learned how to shift the language I was using with myself and even the smallest adjustments have made a difference through this extraordinarily challenging time. The practice of recognizing moments of gratitude has also put a lot in perspective and allowed me to spend more time helping others, even with small gestures. I highly recommend working with Chelsea and using (RRM) to anyone who is mentally struggling and even to those who have a strong spiritual practice – we could all use some color and clarity during this otherwise dark time.”

Jamie F.

“Chelsea is the most amazingly energetic, empowering, dynamic, and thoughtful person that I have worked with in years! Her authenticity, versatility, and experience are assets hard to match! Chelsea always goes the extra mile for all of her clients, is an exceptional speaker, and a great coach. She is truly an inspiration to work with.”

Christina Rae Blackmon
Senior Marketing Manager

“Anything that can rewire new pathways in the brain for new belief systems is a gift of gifts. Chelsea’s coaching method and tools show us that we all have the ability to do that and it’s easy and quick and it’s like retraining a new muscle.”

Maria Alfieris
Physical Therapist & Spiritual MyoFascial Educator

“As a busy Mom of three, I admit that my thoughts are not always positive. While I have the tools typically to turn them around sometimes I feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  I recently had the privilege of working with Chelsea and her method and found it absolutely inspirational. I had to figure out where these underlying thoughts were coming from – are they conditioned – is due to the way I grew up –  who’s voice is inside my head – and then I figured out how I wanted to change them. For example, how to ask for help, how to say no, and how to set priorities…then I could feel stress-free and have more time for myself, and self-care that way I can be my best version for everyone else.  So I highly recommend it and I’m very grateful that I know it now.”

Brie M.

“How to even begin? I faced major fear in starting my own business. Chelsea though had an authentic belief in me and my abilities. She made a point of praising my strengths and helping me find a path forward. THE ICING: She gave me ideas I would’ve never thought of! RESULTS: Since working with Chelsea, I’ve (1) attained paying customers (2) who have become repeat customers, (3) my audience has grown, and (4) I’m now seen as a thought leader in my space. (5) My website is live, (6) Part I of my eBook has been released and is being downloaded like wildfire, (7) I’ve received acclaim from thought leaders in my space as to the value of my eBook to our community, and (8) I have a small team of people to support me now, including my editor, designer, a Rockstar admin, a business manager, and others. There is so much more, but this “review”, AKA, “fangirl message” to Chelsea, my champion, is getting quite long. THE RECOMMENDATION: So, let’s just say this…hire her! If you engage fully to her process, push your boundaries, and put in the hard work that’s required, Chelsea will make you a success.”

Dana Soza
Customer Success Strategist, Author of How To Land & Succeed In A Customer Success Career: The Success Playbook For Your Employment Journey

“As a competitive eater, I know the consequences of biting off more than I can chew. Chelsea’s ability to identify the ingredients for success has given me the recipe for growing my brand with authenticity, heart, and confidence. Her insights provided valuable and relevant food for thought. She built upon my existing skills, helped me define and create new services, and identified untapped revenue streams. I am grateful to step up to the plate with Chelsea as my capable and inspiring coach!”

Mary Bowers
Competitive Eater & Motivational Speaker

“Working with Chelsea saved me so many years of failure and stagnation. As an entrepreneur in today’s noisy world, we have so much distractions and different voices telling us what to do. This created confusion in me to the point that I didn’t know what to do or whose advice to follow. Chelsea gave me so much clarity by laying a step-by-step plan for me. She encouraged me to build a strong foundation for my business that would be able to sustain all my future successes. Chelsea also looked inside of my current systems and processes and gave me guidance on how to be more efficient. I walked away with packages for my services, confidence to charge what I’m worth, with a social media game plan, and with valuable connections to move me further. Chelsea is such a bright spirit, she is genuinely interested in my journey and my business, and even after the sessions with her concluded, she continues to cheer me on and guide me as I execute on what she instructed me. I recommend anyone who is serious about transforming their business, who is tired of being confused and just having ideas, to work with Chelsea. She is an investment that will continue to reap results.”

Sayuri Chacon
Founder, You & Me

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