Spiritual & Clinical
Hypnosis Services

As a certified Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotist...

I love using hypnosis to help my clients connect with their higher self to identify and clear obstacles holding them back in life and in business.

Let me debunk some common myths you might have about hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis is not mind control – you are completely in control of what you say and do. 
  • You can not get stuck in hypnosis. 
  • You are safe at all times, your subconscious mind will never reveal anything to you that you are not ready to hear. 
  • I will NOT make you cluck like a chicken – this is not stage hypnosis.



Goal-Based Hypnosis

Spiritual Hypnosis

A Journey Like No Other

Clinical hypnosis is typically used to help someone with a specific goal such as reduce stress-anxiety, eliminate specific fears, overcome self doubt, stop self sabotage, overcome limiting beliefs, breakthrough obstacles stunting business growth and income, break bad habits like procrastination, perfectionism, people pleasing, and imposter syndrome.

Clinical hypnosis can help someone cultivate a growth mindset, self love, confidence, energy, clarity, spark creativity, reprogram healthy and productive habits, restore better sleep, and accelerate success. Become a magnet for joy and abundance!


One intake session where we define clear goals for the hypnosis.


Three sixty minute virtual or in-person hypnosis sessions


Three recordings of every session completed

Personalized Hypnosis Recording

Personalized recording that will reinforce goals, desired outcome, positive thoughts and beliefs

price: $750

The beauty of spiritual hypnosis is that it is an adventure that allows you to connect with your highest self and guides you where you need to go for your absolute highest good. You may experience the wonder of past life regression or take a journey through a series of past lives for insight and healing. Past life regression can help identify repeated patterns, behaviors, and emotions keeping you stuck in this life that need to be cleared in so that you break free.

You may receive career validation, discover new talents you possess,  and/or walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself. You may go back to a childhood memory or specific event that reveals insights that will be beneficial to you now. Perhaps you will meet a departed loved one, a master teacher, or spirit guides who bestow wisdom and valuable lessons. The possibilities are exciting and the experience can be profound for those who are open to taking this adventure

*There is absolutely no religious affiliation with Spiritual Hypnosis – your subconscious will lead your journey and only reveal to you what you are ready for!


One ninety-minute virtual or in-person hypnosis session


Recordings of completed session


Access to recordings: “Connect with Your Higher Self” and “Drift Off to Dreamy Sleep”

price: $250

Client Love

“I had the honor of being hypnotized by Chelsea Krost this week. I use the word “honor” because she is truly gifted. From the moment we met I felt totally at ease, which helped me connect to my inner self. Her calm soothing voice led me on a journey that led to the affirmation I needed in my career. Thank you Chelsea!!!”

Michael Taubenslag
Taubenslag Productions

“Chelsea Krost – Exceeded My Expectations Beyond What I Could Have Imagined In today’s media environment, everyone and their cousin says they are “Experts” and can produce miracles. Marketing brilliance and fluff can really sell. I certainly didn’t want to be disappointed. I wanted to meet an authentic person who walks their talk. Someone who deeply cares about her clients, the work, and results. Chelsea Krost is the real deal who goes the extra mile. Upon meeting her, I felt immediate comfort and warmth. A genuine, generous woman smiled back at me with great enthusiasm to “work”. I witnessed five other people who felt the same way. Chelsea is an extraordinary spiritual hypnotherapist who listens deeply and takes you on a profound journey where great insights are achieved. I witnessed incredible psychic accuracy; including deep intuitive energy healing. Whether you are stuck or afraid to move forward, or simply want to expand your opportunities but not sure what those next steps look like, Chelsea might just be the answer you are looking for. She doesn’t give you the answers, but rather guides you to tap into your own psychic within to bring forth the answers; (and it may not be what you think but what you most need to know), and then together you process the insight that was received. Frankly, she just amazed me.”

Debra Taubenslag
DCH Author, Artist, Spiritual Entrepreneur

“The first time I worked with Chelsea it was to say the least a magical experience of depth and awareness for me. Chelsea was so intuned with my Energy and Process during our Session…..Her intuition and cueing led me on an inner journey of unbelievable revelations. This Spiritual Hypnosis Session was far more than hypnosis ….Past Life Regression and GUIDED Meditation..This Session was a journey back to myself….it was a coming home in my Spirit. If you are fortunate to work with Chelsea I would say….hold on you are going to be forever touched and changed. Thank you Chelsea for your beautiful gift of Healing!”

Maria Alfieris
Physical Therapist, MyoFascial Educator 

“Chelsea is incredible!! Her voice is so calm and soothing, I was in a deep state of relaxation in no time. We were able to dig down deep to work with and clear some issues that have been buried for a very long time. I highly recommend her!!”

Psychic/Medium NJ

“On Jan 11,2023 I met  Chelsea  for the first time for a hypnosis session. I had never been hypnotized before and I had no idea what to expect. She began with a very parental voice and I immediately felt very reassured that it would be a good experience.  She used a calming and gentle voice to guide me to a place like heaven with some of my most beloved family members. It was a beautiful experience where I felt surrounded by God’s love.  I  would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Former Scientists, Arizona Iced Tea