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For the past 10 years, Chelsea has created speaking presentations and hosted workshops for Fortune 500 Brands, Private Events, Media Publications, Summits, and Conventions across the Globe. 

  • Chelsea was the youngest speaker to present at Grant Cardone’s 10xGrowthCon in Miami in 2016
  • Chelsea hosted multiple workshops on digital marketing and personal branding at Asia’s 1st Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, FEM Bootcamp in Malaysia 2018
  • Chelsea was the only female and youngest keynote speaker at the largest Digital Marketing Conference in the Middle East, The Marketers League Cairo in 2019

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Mindset Reset: Why Failure Is Just a Breakdown For a Breakthrough.

Dive Into The Millennial & Generation Z Consumer Mindset: Top Modern Marketing Tactics of 2020 Proven to Get Results!

Skyrocket Your Visibility, Influence, and Profits with Personal Branding.

Close the Workplace Generation Gap: Enhance Employee Advocacy, Engagement, and Retention.

Women’s Empowerment and Advancement In and Out of The Workplace.

NYC Women’s Empowerment Summit

Ad Week

Cosmopolitan Magazine Millennial Summit

PCPC Conference

Pearson Student Summit NYC

Illy National Conference


IBM Millennial Summit

Three Cities Fest

10XGrowth Con

User Summit, DealerSocket MasterCard Card Forum Expo

VoxBurner – YMS NYC

Caesars Marketing and Events Conference

Sage Summit

Workfront Leap

CD Forum


Millennial Week, Unconference

Click here to learn more about Chelsea’s popular Millennial Marketing Formula workshop and video training course.

Speaker Testimonials

If you are looking for an expert to change the way you think, or your team thinks, about the incredible millennial consumer, you have got to work with Chelsea. She is amazing. She navigates the discussion for maximized understanding and belief in execution. Don’t wait… work with her today!

James Burgess

Vice President of Stylist Development at J.Hilburn

I had the opportunity to work with Chelsea on a couple different occasions as an inspirational and informative speaker on life in the millennial world. Chelsea is truly a consummate professional and delivers a compelling story about life in the world from a different point of view, a different age and completely different mindset. She teaches her audience about the differences we face in our ages and in our approaches to problem-solving. I know in both instances the a-ha moments were many and the audience was unaware of how to truly connect with this generation.
She does her homework! Planning calls and research on the companies I represent were all part of her scope before taking to the stage. When she was talking to the audience she acted as if she was speaking to them with the knowledge of what they “represent” and the struggles they face when going to market. I just loved that about her. It made my client very happy to know she was making it personal to their brand and not about her. She truly recognizes the value she brings sharing the knowledge of this generation to others. Not to mention she is just so fun to work with and has a smile on her face every step of the way!

Michelle Johnson

Owner, The Anchor Group, LLC

Chelsea is what the Millennial entrepreneur values most: authentic, relatable and inspiring. We had the pleasure of having her speak at our UnConference during Millennial Week DC 2016. Chelsea kept the audience engaged, entertained and excited, which was reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received.

Natalie Moss Gooden

Executive Director Millennial Week

My customers are event professionals, one of the hardest groups of people to impress. Providing an amazing program for 200 of your customers who have seen just about everything is a daunting task. If it doesn’t go well, the ramifications are immense. Choosing the right speaker, of course, is the critical piece. Chelsea delivered, plain and simple. Easy to work with, professional, prepared, relevant and her positive energy is contagious. If you’re looking for a big win and a sure thing, look no further!

Jordan D. Clark

Vice President of Sales Caesars Entertainment