For over 10 years, Chelsea has created dynamic speaking presentations and hosted workshops for Fortune 500 Brands, Private Events, Media Publications, Summits, Retreats, and Conventions across the Globe.

Chelsea is known for her contagious energy, her unique experience, and her ability to take you on a learning journey full of insight, inspiration, and tangible takeaways that leave the audience thinking differently, creatively charged, and empowered to take action!

  • Youngest speaker to present at Grant Cardone’s 10xGrowthCon in Miami
  • Hosted multiple workshops on digital marketing and personal branding at Asia’s 1st Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, FEM Bootcamp in Malaysia 
  • Only female and youngest keynote speaker at the largest Digital Marketing Conference in the Middle East, The Marketers League Cairo Egypt
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Popular Presentations & Workshops

POWER Your Personal Brand – Skyrocket Your Visibility, Influence, and Profits!

Empower Employee Personal Brands to Strengthen Your Company’s Brand Reputation and Growth.

Leverage LinkedIn to Boost Your Personal Brand, Thought Leadership, and Business.

Strengthen Your Motivation and Decision-Making Strategies: Increase Employee Advocacy, Productivity, and Creativity.

Mindset Reset: Re-Train Your Thought Process, Move From Fear to Freedom, Resistance to  Acceptance, and Experience Transformational Growth.

How to Work Smarter Not Harder: Save Time, Money, and Increase Productivity.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Dive Into The Millennial & Generation Z Consumer Mindset: Top Modern Marketing Tactics Proven to Get Results.


Years Speaking Experience

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Presentations Given



Appearances & Keynotes

  • NYC Women’s Empowerment Summit
  • Ad Week
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine Millennial Summit
  • PCPC Conference
  • Pearson Student Summit NYC
  • Illy National Conference
  • SXSW
  • IBM Millennial Summit
  • Three Cities Fest
  • 10XGrowth Con
  • User Summit, DealerSocket MasterCard Card Forum Expo
  • VoxBurner – YMS NYC
  • Caesars Marketing and Events Conference
  • Sage Summit
  • Workfront Leap
  • CD Forum
  • BOMA
  • Millennial Week, Unconference

Client Love

“Chelsea is what the Millennial entrepreneur values most: authentic, relatable and inspiring. We had the pleasure of having her speak at our UnConference during Millennial Week DC 2016. Chelsea kept the audience engaged, entertained and excited, which was reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received.”

Natalie Moss Gooden
Executive Director Millennial Week

“You are a force. Brilliant. Talented. Driven. Yet so approachable and friendly. Rare combination. You were awesome, absolutely awesome, on stage!”

Brandon Faust

“My customers are event professionals, one of the hardest groups of people to impress. Providing an amazing program for 200 of your customers who have seen just about everything is a daunting task. If it doesn’t go well, the ramifications are immense. Choosing the right speaker, of course, is the critical piece. Chelsea delivered, plain and simple. Easy to work with, professional, prepared, relevant and her positive energy is contagious. If you’re looking for a big win and a sure thing, look no further!”

Jordan D. Clark
Vice President Of Sales Caesars Entertainment

“If you are looking for an expert to change the way you think, or your team thinks, about the incredible millennial consumer, you have got to work with Chelsea. She is amazing. She navigates the discussion for maximized understanding and belief in execution. Don’t wait… work with her today!”

James Burgess
Vice President Of Stylist Development At J.Hilburn

“Awesome training! The flow of content kept my attention, and the handouts and breakout session ngave me the opportunity to confirm I was on task. The content was able to reach a variety of different learning styles, which is important in today’s society. Thank you for sharing such as interactive, exciting, and informative training session. I can’t wait to start additional trainings with Chelsea.”

Afiya Tyler
Professor Benedict College

“As a competitive eater, I know the consequences of biting off more than I can chew. Chelsea’s ability to identify the ingredients for success has given me the recipe for growing my brand with authenticity, heart, and confidence. Her insights provided valuable and relevant food for thought. She built upon my existing skills, helped me define and create new services, and identified untapped revenue streams. I am grateful to step up to the plate with Chelsea as my capable and inspiring coach!”

Vegas Lolita

“Awesome job! Your message definitely needs to be heard by this next generation. I can’t wait to re-watch your speech on livestream and help spread your message.”

Reyden Egbert