Hi, I’m Chelsea.

Personal Branding, Marketing, & Mindset Coach
LinkedIn Learning Top Performing Instructor
Leading Millennial Influencer
Global Keynote Speaker

But the titles I’m proudest of? Those are the easiest to say: Wife & Mom


Bringing clarity and confidence to your personal and professional transformation

My Story

My own transformation from teen talk show host to Millennial Mom and Entreprenuer

Where It All Began:

My story starts when I was just 16 years old, a little caterpillar with a big idea for a radio show. During this time, the conversation around teenagers a.k.a. millennials was all so negative. Every media outlet and publication was calling us lazy, entitled, and I kid you not – “the demise of the future!” I was hungry for success and eager to find a platform that was empowering my generation, but back in 2007, all that was available was MTV and the Disney Channel. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for it became clear that if I wanted a change it was up to me to rewrite the narrative. That mission sparked the creation of my first radio talk show, “Teen Talk Live” which was the beginning of a journey and career that I could have never imagined.

Scroll the timeline below for a look into my own personal and professional transformation

My Signature Approach

YOU are your biggest asset, but you have to start somewhere first. While most of us tend to think ahead – step 1 is the most important piece of the puzzle, and that is to build a solid, sustainable, scalable brand foundation. Your personal brand is the single biggest asset that will generate trust, attract your ideal client, and create multiple revenue streams.

My goal is to help my clients break through the roadblocks and fears keeping them stuck so that they can reset, create their brand blueprint, and shift into the next phase of their growth transformation. I would love to help you build your personal brand and business that inspires you to wake up and do what you do best every day!

I Believe In Transformation

In 2021, I had the biggest life-changing event of all, my son Greyson was born and I became a Mommy. Yup, you guessed it – quarantine baby! 

After having Greyson I published my 5th Linkedin Learning course, Brand Strategy and Reputation Management, which was very exciting, but I craved MORE!

For many years now I have been pulled to explore a deeper understanding of the mind and how it influences our thoughts, feelings, decisions, relationships, and our ability to achieve or sabotage success.

The one common roadblock that I saw with all of my coaching clients was that their confusion, comparison-itis, and fearful mindset were keeping them stuck!

The desire to create a real shift and life-long impact with my clients inspired me to go back to school to get my certification in (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis.

NLP is a psychological approach that emphasizes how we can use the language of our minds to achieve results consistently.

What interests me most about NLP is the ability to help someone in a “current state” such as stuckness, burnout, confusion, or fear and help them transition into a “desired state” such as motivated, clear, confident, and fulfilled.

I believe there is no professional growth without personal development.

Now, I get to combine my experience and knowledge in Personal and Professional Development to unlock your absolute greatest potential and help YOU spread your wings and fly…


What I Know To Be True

There is no professional growth without personal development! When we work on mindset and get clear on our goals everything else will blossom. 


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