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5 Ways to Engage Millennials at Your Next Event

5 ways to engage millennials during an event

Whether you’re planning an event for your workplace or your social circle, millennials make up a decent chunk of the active population, so it makes sense for you to want to engage with millennials at your event, no matter what you’re planning. Sometimes, millennials seem like a mystery to the older generations, but there are so many ways that millennials are just like any other generation. Being young in today’s world might have bred certain sensibilities around tastes and tendencies, but really, you may find that your events can please everyone.

While there are all different types of events you can plan, every crowd and person you know is different. If you’re planning an event for a specific group of people you already know, you can always gear your event more at the collective by using things everyone has in common. At the end of the day, millennials are just people like anyone else. Here are five ways you can be more inclusive of the millennial generation at your next event, whatever it is.

1.   Go Digital With Details

When it comes to planning the event out, many sources will tell you that millennials are totally tech-obsessed. And while that might be true in certain instances, you’ll seldom find a person who writes off an event for the lack of charging stations, geofilters and selfie stations. However, you can use tech where it counts. Sending out an e-mail invite or Facebook invite is the perfect example of this, as paper invitations are expensive and tend to get lost in the shuffle.

2.   Make It Interactive

Millennials love interactive activities that let them engage with one another in a fun way, so lean into that — because, really, who doesn’t love a fun game or party activity? While you can go simple with board games and card games, you can also plan the event around a more specific activity like watching a movie or doing karaoke — things that people can get involved in and have fun doing!

3.   Facilitate Networking

If your event is more professional in nature, facilitating networking can be good for anyone there, but millennials especially. For those younger millennials who are still finding their footing in the working world, a bit of networking can be a great push towards achievement. Networking is an activity, but it’s also a skill that needs to be practiced, and the only way to do that is to have opportunities for it. Often, networking will happen naturally with the flow of conversation if you plan events around it.

4.   Schedule Downtime or Free Time

At the same time as millennials love networking and interactive activities, they also love having a sense of balance. Specifically, events where everything feels forced and there isn’t much flexibility can feel a bit stringent. After some assisted socialization and organized activities, offer some free time for socializing or downtime!

5.   Make It Beautiful

Another thing the world knows about millennials is that they have a deep and nuanced appreciation for aesthetic beauty. If you’re planning an event where millennials will be in abundance, prioritize the decorative aspects and make things visually pleasing — perfect for a photo op!

Engaging Millennials at Your Event

If you’re hosting a millennial-friendly event, it’s really just like any other event you might host. As long as you balance the interactive elements with the chill downtime, make things beautiful and lean in to the digital elements, you should be well on your way to an amazing event.


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