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Why Creating A Personal Brand Is Important For Millennials

Personal Branding for Millennials

Your resume and interview lands you the ‘big job’.

Following up lands your next big client.

The business cards make you feel legit.

What does all of this add up to?

If you’re not planning strategically about the message you’re sending to the world, then you’re committing a major branding mistake.

This make-or-break differentiator plays a huge factor whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to land a date on Tinder.

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Round One – You vs. Everyone Else

Like Steve Jobs said, everything is a remix on something else.

And with so many remixes coming to surface everyday, it becomes harder and harder to be unique.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then look at your identity from a branding perspective. [ Tweet This ]

No, I’m not talking about emailing your graphic designer friend to create a logo for you.

Nor am I talking about quick helpful hacks.

What I’m talking about matters far more than any logo, hack, color choice, resume item, or firm handshake could ever do for you.

What we’re talking about here is what comes to mind when other people think of you.

In today’s age, people size you up and determine if you’re worth their time in the matter of seconds. If you want anything close to a fair chance, then those few seconds become mission critical.

You ARE Your Brand

With every every action you take throughout the day, each comment you make on social media, and every conversation you hold you are creating the brand of You.

Many millennials think having a brand allows them to be what they aren’t. [ Tweet This ]

Although perception is reality, there’s still one perception of you that’s much harder to convince: your own.

Creating your brand shouldn’t be looked at from the point of view of your audience… At least to start. That’s why I look at branding as a way to (re)invent oneself.

Instead of thinking about what your Twitter header should look like, consider what time you wake up in the morning or what you do with your free time.

Those are the true marks of your personal identity and brand.

And if you’re unhappy with them, now’s the time to mold yourself into the person you want to be because life’s too short to not take a shot.

Make or Break

What sets a part those who play the role from people who live the role are the ones who embrace themselves or work at creating themselves from the inside-out.

Are you going to wake up today “brand ready”?

Probably not.

Even the people who are currently living their brand will tell you that it’s an ongoing evolution that has changed, is currently changing, and will change again in the foreseeable future.

Whether you consider yourself an Entrepreneur or All-Star Employee, taking a fine comb and looking at your daily routine, ambitions, and character will give you a close-up look at your brand.

After all, you only live once, and your success is ultimately dependent on you.

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In Round Two of this branding series, we’ll be diving in head-first at what it means to brand yourself as an employee.

And, in Round Three, we’ll cover how entrepreneurs should consider building a foundation of their personal brand.

How do you look at your brand?

I’d personally like to know, so leave a comment with your perspective or your biggest realization from this article.

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  1. Great read Jeremy. Its an interesting angle, looking at your personal brand as the very essence that you embody.

    When you view it this way then every single choice you make in your personal and professional life would have an effect on that brand…from having that second slice of cake to sleeping in until noon. It would all essentially add up to the brand that people know you as.

    I have to say I agree…logos, color schemes, websites, none of that really matters. They are all just tools to communicate a message to the world. But the most impactful message you can communicate is the one you are already communicating, regardless of whether your control it. This is the message of who you are both in and out of work.

    Love it dude. Keep stuff like this coming!

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