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Three Simple Steps To Create Your “It” Personal Brand (Part 2)

Personal Brand and Reputation

In this three-part guest blog post series, Michela Aramini of The Lovely It Girl guides you through three simple steps to create your “It” personal brand.

In step one of Three Simple Steps To Create Your “It” Personal Brand I spoke about how to find clarity through your passions, prowess, and purpose.


Now that you’ve clarified your “It,” the next step in creating your personal brand is to clearly and compellingly communicate your “It” through your personal brand messaging. Your personal brand messaging includes your “It” Message, Mantra, Mission Statement, Manifesto and My Story. In this post I’ll help you create your “It” Message: what you do (your “It”) and who you serve (your Clique). You’ve clarified your “It” in Step One, so now you just need to clarify your Clique.

Your Clique is your niche of personal brand cheerleaders who value your “It.” If you have no idea who your Clique is, ask yourself what type of person will organically connect with your personal brand, will most benefit from your “It,” and who you would love to help.

For example, when creating The Lovely It Girl, I determined my “It” is personal brand consulting and “It” girl mentoring. I determined that my Clique is young women entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) because as a young woman entrepreneur, I knew this niche would personally relate to my story and connect with my brand the most organically. I’m also passionate about helping young women to create personal brands at the beginning of their careers that will empower them to style personal and professional lives they truly love.

And voilà, here is my “It” Message: “Personal brand consultant and ‘It’ Girl Mentor for women entrepreneurs.” Following the above formula, I invite you to create your personal “It” Message and share it in the comments below. Then, share it with your Clique across your online and offline personal brand touch points: add it to your personal website/blog, social media profiles, email signature, business card, and make it the first thing you say when someone asks you, “So, what do you do?”

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