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Why I Still Believe In Twitter

Believing in Twitter

There have been rumblings around the web stating Twitter may have reached its peak or even questioning its relevance. For instance, some people like to note while there are approximately 1 billion twitter handles there are approximately 250 million active users on the platform. Quite frankly this can be compared to saying Apple sales were down 20% in sales from one quarter ago, from $4 billion to $3.2 billion in sales. That is still a lot of money just as 250 million is a lot of people actively on Twitter!

I’m not here to push info-graphics & numbers with percentages to convince you why Twitter is a very viable social media platform. But here are my reasons why I still believe in a Tweet.

Build Relationships: My main reason for still believing in the platform is Twitter’s ability to connect complete strangers, individuals & brands alike that live in different parts of the world. I’ve met new friends, developed brand partnerships and gained business clients using 140 characters or less. You can engage with people in real time to make an immediate impact. The key is to actually engage with others. No one will listen to you, if you are constantly “re-tweeting” or “favoriting” someone else’s message without creating your own, genuine content. Read a really great book or e-guide? Tweet the author! Found an awesome beauty brand? Mention it! Don’t be a wallflower.

Build Brand Awareness:  Twitter has become a great tool for brands, big or small, to interact with followers and share major developments. It gives brands the opportunity to get a real-time pulse on what’s currently trending and especially what makes Millennials tick. With hashtags, brands can see how they are trending and also follow influencers. Moreover, with twitter chats brands and individuals alike can interact with one another, personalizing the experience and promoting inclusivity. I can honestly give props to twitter chats for providing opportunities for more exposure & engagement.

Ease of Use: Unlike other social media platforms, the rules for using Twitter has not changed. Create an impactful message using only 140 characters or less. Of course we have gotten creative, with the ability to upload photos, add short links, or video clips for additional stimulation. However, the fact remains that 140 characters is all you need, the ultimate equalizer. And with the creation of programs such as Hootsuite, you can effectively manage your social media account (s), scheduling tweets or re-tweets.

So here is my reason in 140 characters or less:

Twitter provides exposure, accessibility, opportunities and engagement. Need I say more? And I only did it with 71 characters. BOOM.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Tamera.

    Twitter remains my favorite/go-to platform for the very reasons you stated. Yes, you have to keep the conversation to 140 character (or less) bursts, but it still flows. These conversations have created some wonderful connections and I believe future conversations will do the same!

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