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#MillennialTalk Recap: How To Master Relationship Marketing

When it comes to successful marketing, relationships are key. Taking the time to build relationships with your followers has many benefits, but most importantly it helps to generate trust and consumer loyalty. Gone are the days where you could blanket market to an audience or move the needle with, “billboard messaging.” Today, it is all about personalizing your marketing… Not sure how? On this weeks #MillennialTalk, we spoke with @ and @ on “How To Master Relationship Marketing.”

Scroll down to read a recap of yesterday’s Chat Q&A!

@ChelseaKrost: Relationship marketing to me means that at the core of your marketing efforts you value truly invest time in building authentic relationships with your audience and customers online and offline.

@Relationship marketing is providing value to a customer or client BEFORE trying to sell them anything. Relationship marketing is using your expertise to help people, build a relationship, THEN offer them more value in your service or product. Relationship marketing is like me and . First, we became friends online, then in person, and now we are doing together! Great example.

@Relationship Marketing is the art of focusing more on the full customer lifecycle beyond the first sale. Getting to know your customer and build loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than one-off sales.


Relationship Marketing means you C.A.R.E. for your customer and think more like a magnet vs a bullhorn. It’s permission-based marketing – You earn attention, loyalty, engagement vs. renting attention for a short period of time. Word of mouth business is the best lead generator- allows you to double down on increasing word of mouth referrals by focusing on your current customers to drive your online lead gen.


By the year 2020 Customer Experience will determine whether someone does business w/ your brand or a competitor – Using enhances how marketing, sales & customer teams come together to simply be in charge of client happiness.  shows you C.A.R.E. 

@ChelseaKrost: Personalize your message to resonate with your target audience. Do the research – discover where they engage most, what content they consume, keywords, top influencers. Understand the demographics & mindset – then focus on building a community / relationships.

@Stop competing and start collaborating. (Ladies, I’m looking at you. You always compete. STOP!) When you collaborate, you BOTH earn more. Stay in touch. With social media, there is no reason to not stay in touch and maintain relationships with people in your network. Take someone out to lunch! and I bonded last week over some Mexican food and we had some great business conversation… and here I am tonight!

@You must know who you can truly help & who you can’t in business. We call this identifying your . You can use by Then focus on through content, conversations & experiences. Focusing more on your technique vs. the tool you’re using. Create marketing/content/conversations that your ideal audience will find value in. Make it educational, entertaining or engaging

In order to do relationship marketing effectively you need to C.A.R.E. for your customers. C-apture attention – A-rticulate what makes you different -focus on R-elationships for repeat and Referral Business – and at all time provide E-xceptional Experiences.

@ChelseaKrost: A “buyers persona” is the ideal customer(s) profile

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Pain points
  • Stage in life
  • Income
  • Location

 This information can help you craft your marketing strategy, creative and messaging.

 @“Buyers persona” is your avatar. Mine has a name. It’s Charlie. Charlie is a business owner who wants more exposure to grow his/her business.“Buyers persona” is who you market to and sell to. Craft everything for that person, not you or who you THINK you serve.  “Buyers persona” tells you the who and the why – everything you need to know to get to work, market, and sell your brand! 

@: Buyer Personas represent your ideal client or customer you can help. Ask yourself/team to think of the top pain points and goals your ideal audience has and how you help them solve a problem or reach a goal. You want to think of the day in the life of your ideal persona and ask questions like- where are they going for info- who do they follow, what do they read. When creating content tell stories speaking directly to your persona w/ examples they’d recognize.  I recommend creating Negative personas for your business as well. They represent clients/ customers you can’t help. Identify personas quickly and not waste time, effort and money working with someone who isn’t a good fit long term. 

@ChelseaKrost: Content formats like live streaming, podcasting, Twitter chats, and private groups where you get to have 2-way conversation with your audience helps to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!

@In marketing, I love a good case study and success story. Nothing convinces me more than seeing you’ve been there and done that for someone just like me. In marketing, referrals are everything. There are too many fakes (especially online) so if I can hear you’ve enjoyed working with someone, I’m sold! In marketing, relationships are everything. I love introductions to others in the industry… to refer business or collaborate… like I am with my girls on !

@:My favorite type of content is collaborative content. Bring in people who are like-minded to share expertise, stories and helpful tips especially your audience. When you focus on them vs. making it all about you- they will care and share more! Personalized content always wins- so whether it’s creating a videoreply on Twitter or a video email using a tool like , sending a personalized card on or featuring someone in a post- take time to add the human element. Content and social media – The art of the perfect P.O.S.T. is personalized, Open-ended, Style that’s your own tone of voice and Timely.

@ChelseaKrost: The bigger your community engagement is the better = brand awareness. Your community can be your strongest brand amplifier! Audience engagement like , testimonials, reviews, comments can help generate new leads & sales.

@There is saying, “Your network is your net worth.” If this doesn’t scream relationship marketing, I don’t know what does. People do business with people. That’s why it’s important to start building relationships with people by sharing your expertise. I want to work with people who put out great content. That’s how relationships start. Hey, it’s how I met a couple of years ago!

@: impacts every stage of the marketing funnel-Focus on your customer in each phase as you build it. Ask “How can I make it stupid simple to do business with us and make the experience a good one worthy of talking about”  impacts your influence as well- when you do your job as expected than that’s all it is. But if you stand out and create the magic moments people will care, share and stand behind your brand

@ChelseaKrost: Stop with the sales talk and straight up chat with people…this is social media after all! Support, Engage, Share.

@Don’t treat social media like a billboard. It’s not. BE SOCIAL. Respond and engage with people to have a relationship. Social media IS relationship marketing… if you do it right. By do it right, I mean check your notifications and converse with people. The reply and retweet buttons are money, honey! Build it and they will come does NOT work on social anymore. You need to take time to build relationships with people by… participating in useful chats like .

@: By creating a relationship marketing plan- you are really creating an online sales & customer service funnel to help you maximize your time. You will gain Increased loyalty and longevity of your client relationships which is the new battleground. Many talk about the K-L-T (Know, Like and Trust) but it’s really about the R- referrals. If people like you they’ll do biz w/ you. But if they love you they’ll insist others do biz w/ you too! Social Listening & Engaging (there is a difference & biz need both) Use a tool to help you engage in active listening so you know how you can grow. Make sure you are responding to comments as if you’re speaking to a person across the table from you. Invest in building faster relationships by creating a Facebook Group around a passion/purpose, invest in LIVE Video, and/or invest in social listening. Start where you are with what you’ve got and no matter what stay consistent. Stop counting likes and start counting meaningful conversations. Seriously, see how you can engage your audience and then build up your UGC. Feature their answers in other marketing you’re doing.

@ChelseaKrost: Influencer biggest asset is their relationships with their audience. By tapping the influencer you gain direct exposure to their trusted audience. If your brand, product, or service can be of value to that influencers audience than it is a win win.

@First, get clear on who an influencer is and isn’t. It’s NOT someone with a blog or social media channel. It’s someone with influence. Big difference. Then, ask yourself, “What can I do to provide this person’s audience value?” Don’t look at what’s in it for you. That won’t work. Finally, approach the influencer with your thoughts on how you could offer value to their audience. By doing that, you’re starting many new relationships.

@An influencer can be anyone who is trusted & can persuade decision making. Don’t overlook the power of getting buy-in from your team, your niche community & your current clients to advocate for you. Paying someone is easy. Winning your own tribe first. Focus on using microinfluencers who already have alignment with your ideal audience. If the trust is already built then you have a better chance.. Don’t just search for an influencer and pay them to talk about your product. Build a relationship and get to know the influencer as well. People can tell the difference between someone who is genuinely passionate about something and who isn’t.

@ChelseaKrost: Some of my favorite digital marketing trends that have me geeking out. ?

@I like mixing digital with things offline. Let’s meet in person or get on a call. It’s the best way to really build relationships. Don’t think you’re not ready to earn coverage in the media. So many make excuses and are afraid to put themselves out there. If no one knows about you, how can they do business with you?! Invest in yourself and your business. Yes, you need to spend money to work with people who are excelling. It’s scary, but it’s necessary to grow bigger, faster.

@ I love seeing how is growing and being adapted by more brands! Google, YouTube and social media sites are rewarding visibility to brands who focus on making meaningful and engaging. You can use your brains over budget to grow! Some of my favorite trends are LIVE Video because it’s a hummanizer – your can’t fake it, outsource it or put that on autopilot. I also love where AR/VR is going to help brands build empathy and relatability. I love seeing how progressive profiling is growing for us to understand our clients more and customize our marketing messages specific to their needs- it’s becoming incredably easy for us to .

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