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4 Ways Machine Learning Algorithms are Changing Online Advertising for Millennials

Machine learning is getting a lot of attention for how it’s being applied to everything from self-driving cars to medical diagnoses –but it’s changing how every day Millennials are tackling their online advertising, too. Here’s 4 ways Talking Ads machine learning algorithms are making it easier for Millennials to reach their audiences through online advertising.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a flavor of artificial intelligence that arms computers with the ability to learn on their own, without instructions in the form of programming. In essence, computers are programmed to learn, which means that after enough input, they can figure something out on their own.

If you’ve got a touch of the nerdiness as I do, you’ve likely read about how machine learning is changing the world of … just about everything.

And a lot of what we read seems to focus on technologies that feel out of reach for your average Millennial. As if we’d need to be a data scientist or own a self-driving car to apply this emerging tech to any aspect of our daily lives. Or maybe to the contrary, it’s hidden deep within the guts of things we may use every day and we don’t even know it’s there.

In either case, machine learning algorithms feel out of reach because they aren’t as in our faces as much as we’d expect.

Machine Learning Algorithms are Changing How We Deliver Our Message

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time working online. And a large portion of that time spent working online is focused on trying to get my message in front of as many eyes as I can. To do this, I often rely on online advertising.

Online advertising is another area where machine learning has streamlined workflow and made my life easier. Talking Ads machine learning algorithms have enabled online ad technology we engage with every day to become smarter or more personalized. 

Here are a few ways that Talking Ads machine learning algorithms are changing the way people interact with online advertising as advertisers;

  1. Predicting Lifetime Value

Talking Ads machine learning algorithms are able to make educated predictions for how long any given customer may remain with a specific product. This helps advertisers predict churn, and isolate more loyal customers from less loyal customers –a win/win scenario for both advertiser and consumer.

  1. Personalised Messaging

Delivering the right message to the right individual at the right time was once a complex process now made easy with machine learning algorithms. No more need for gut checks, the devil is in the data.

As a result of being able to learn what the best message is to put in front of a prospective customer who seems like a good fit for a brand, right when they need it –people form a closer bond with your brand, it gains recognition, reputation, and builds trust in ways online advertising never could before.

  1. Predictive Performance Analysis

Talking Ads machine learning algorithms allow advertisers to get an idea of how well an ad will do before they put it out to the world. This helps them tailor the best ads and focus budgets on ads that are destined to do well.

  1. Data Mining for Optimal Targeting

Everything we do is creating a data point, somewhere. For example, social media accounts we use to log into services we use every day are “always on”, building a profile about what our interests are, the time of day we have that interest, and how we like it.

Artificial intelligence is able to explore all that data to ensure it’s always on point when we come across an ad that’s served by the kind of intelligent ads companies like Talking Ads Marketing Management Services employ.

In Summary

These are only a few ways that machine learning is making online advertising better for everyone. What’s your favorite AI feature or value add that improves online advertising for the better? Please share.



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