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#MillennialTalk Recap: Networking In The Digital Age

No matter what field you are in, networking and building valuable relationships is essential and can help you advance in your career and in your life! I truly believe that your network is your net worth. ? Never burn a bridge and instead, pave new paths.

In the digital age we all live in, networking has evolved giving us more opportunity than ever to connect with people all over the World!

Yesterday, we spoke with Kelly Hoey (@jkhoey) about “Networking In The Digital Age.” Half-way through our incredible chat, #MillennialTalk started Trending on Twitter AGAIN!

Scroll down to read a recap of yesterday’s Chat Q&A with @jkhoey!

@ChelseaKrost: With the various social media networks that we have today, it is easier than ever to make connections with people from all over the world! BUT, building authentic connections can be harder when relying on technology, vs a more intimate in-person conversation.

@jkhoey: Short answer: we’re all struggling to get networking right + make real connections with others in the digital age. 

For boomers + Gen X it is understanding that networking online is REAL networking. For digital natives, it is understanding hot to effectively take the conversation offline. Networking is TOUGH because it is an activity involving PEOPLE – and let’s face it, we’re weird + difficult. We’re more fortunate today b/c digital gives us access to MORE possible connections, like minds, kindred spirits.

: Although I have only have experiencing networking in the digital age, I think it’s much easier. With LinkedIn and connecting via social media in general is much easier and I feel more successful.

@ChelseaKrost: I find the most beneficial relationships that start online ultimately make time to meet, network, and collaborate offline as well!


@jkhoey: I don’t think there should be any difference! The best networkers are amphibious – they operate in both environments. I think of online networking like IRL physical spaces: is the office / is friends + family / is the cocktail party. Online networking can enhance IRL connections + vice versa. Just remember to BE HUMAN!

@SailorsBen: In a word: accessiblity. It’s easy to contact someone online and let them respond when they have time. It’s a lot harder to be in the right place at the right time, or catch the right person at the right time, etc.


  •  Facebook: Most popular platform & there are many different networking pages & groups you can join, participate, learn from. 
  • LinkedIn: Best platform to network and build B2B relationships. Take advantage of industry groups.
  • Twitter: Allows for you to connect with others on a personal, fun, real-time, and collaborative way.

@jkhoey: Depends on who you are trying to network with! Who is your audience? Where is your tribe? Where do they hang out? 

Networking is about being heard and connecting meaningfully w/ someone else. So you need to get in their space or mindset. ALWAYS look at interactions from the other person’s perspective – if you’re the one making the outreach. Social networks are BRILLIANT research tools! The best networking is done with your eyes + ears! Use online for this more! If there is someone you want to connect with – study their social habits, read their blog THEN decide how to best connect with THEM.

I love Twitter for networking with fellow content strategists and social media colleagues, LinkedIn for more aspirational/mentor-based networking, and Instagram to connect with other freelance creatives in music, design, and art!

@ChelseaKrost: Connect w/ people who share common values & bond over the like minded interest. Be a familiar face, show interest, give support, & social ? to your network. If you want to collaborate paint the picture of how it is beneficial for all parties.

@jkhoey: Top Tip Number 1: Get a good headshot! People want to connect with REAL people. A headshot is that first impression of trust.

 Top tip number 2: Understand the different nuances between the networking platforms. Don’t share what you had for lunch on LinkedIn (for example) as you would here or on Instagram.

 Top tip Number 3: Be PATIENT. Remember it takes time to build trust and trust is the cornerstone of strong, long-lasting relationships. Online – remember! we all have the same networking tools at our fingertips but we may use them differently!

@tschill86: Search relevant hashtags that interest you. Go to IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and find posts, chats, people from the hashtags and engage with them. Don’t just send an emoji, actually respond with something valuable.

@ChelseaKrost: Know that you’re not the only one who feels uncomfortable putting yourself out there!- Practice role playing if you feel like you need to brush up on communication skills.- Get comfortable being uncomfortable! Growth doesn’t come from staying in a comfort zone.

@jkhoey: Read my book “Build Your Dream Network”! – LOL – joking but not really joking!

I discovered when writing that the BEST networkers are INTROVERTS (really!) My belief is that people who are more thoughtful, considerate + deliberate in their actions make the best networkers in the digital age. If you’re an introvert, be yourself. You can’t connect effectively, genuinely, authentically if you pretend to be someone else. For me, networking is EVERY human interaction. Volunteer. Mentor. Blog, Send a kinder email. RT – stop worrying about schmoozing + working the room.

 Start with a simple like or engagement. You’ll see that these people will follow you back, they are interested in you and what you have the say [tweet].

@ChelseaKrost: Encourage taking the conversation offline and exchange personal contact info via DM/inmail message. Spend some time brainstorming ways you can collaborate & share how you both can benefit from each other. Find an event or place to meet & collaborate! If you can’t physically meet then ask to have a digital video coffee date: Skype, Facetime, Zoom. 

@jkhoey: Don’t immediately invite someone to coffee! That’s a lazy default IMHO. Everyone is UNIQUE, different, has preferences. Perhaps you suggest a Skype or call. Maybe you introduce yourself at an event the person is speaking at . Sometimes suggesting an IRL meeting (‘I’m going to be in NYC, any chance…”) with no pressure works (ask ). BUT before asking, make sure you’re given value to the other person – engaged, observed, etc. not simply “hey I need your help” “can I pick your brain.” Well before asked to meet IRL he’d read my book, chatted with me online etc LOTS of value. 

: If you live close to people, propose a meetup with them for happy hour! It’s an easy way to get to know someone in person and to talk more about your shared interests. If you are going to a conference or event, see if they are going! Twitterchat meetup anyone?

@ChelseaKrost: Check out my group, Verified Hustlers! It’s a great place to engage, inspire, and connect with verified hustlers all over the World. 

@jkhoey: Depends! don’t you hate that response! My recommendation: Audit your network – if you’re ALWAYS hanging with the same people online and off, find groups to diversify your network! An example pulled from ‘s doesn’t just attend diversity events in the sports industry.

If you want to expand your network – Volunteer, whether at a conference or community org. Join a committee! Mentor!

@FlannCasey: Team with your local city chamber or any young professionals groups/minority groups that are set up with your local city.


  •  Collaborate with people whose strength is your weakness.
  • Use your network to learn something new, to up-level your abilities, to create new relationships, to open to doors to different opportunities.
  • Your network is your net worth baby!

@jkhoey: THINK about what your network says about you when you’re NOT in the room – everything you do is networking, making human connections, an impression.

 So what are people saying… If your network is speaking positively + enthusiastically about you, THEN you’re doing more than alright in this thing called networking. If you’re only showing up for your network when YOU need something, you have some work to do. Networking online or offline is all about generosity! If you’re not showing up for your network, then why should they be there for you? OR as so brilliantly shared in her interview – 

And make sure your digital footprint aligns with HOW your network is talking about you IRL.

@tschill86: People like to work with people they know.

  • You can get new business by asking if people can use your help (don’t be desperate though)
  • You can cross promote content to help build your tribe.
  • You can have someone in your network introduce you to others

@FlannCasey: We have an advantage over those who are hesitant to engage socially. Those who connect online probably know more about who they’re about to speak/connect with IRL.

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