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#MillennialTalk Recap: Fire Up Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Are you passionate about making your ideas come to life? Entrepreneurship can be an amazing and rewarding career path but it definitely has its difficult moments. One of the hardest and most confusing step in the Entrepreneurial journey is knowing where to start. It’s often hard to know which idea is the BIG IDEA and how to evaluate your next move and get started. Luckily, we’ve got some incredible advice! 

On last week’s #Millennialtalk chat, John Lee Dumas () shared his top tips for how to “Fire Up Your Entrepreneurial Journey.” This #millennialtalk was on fire! Dumas shared his wisdom on how to discover your big idea, reach success, and live a life that you love.

Scroll down to read a recap of the smokin’ Q&A with !

@ChelseaKrost: Having multiple ideas is great, but ultimately you want to assess what the market needs and demands are to reveal which concept will generate the biggest ROI.

Every idea has its pros and cons. By going through the three hours to your big idea training, you’ll be able to identify which business idea to rock first. ( Going 1 mile wide and one inch deep (multiple ideas) is a recipe for disaster. Going 1 INCH wide and one MILE deep, you have a chance at making a dent in this universe. 

 If you have multi ideas, consider testing the product and services in A/B test groups. You will want to get feedback on whether the product or service would work in the marketplace. You’ll want statistical values. The larger the test group, the better.


✔️Ask yourself…

✔️ Which is more timely in the market?

✔️ Which is a more natural fit for your big picture goals?

✔️ Which you’ll be able to sustain?

✔️ Which will make the biggest impact?


:Some people only follow their passion, while others only focus on their skills. You need a combination of both to win at a high-level, and the zone of fire training reveals that. Where do your passions MERGE with your skills? Where does your curiosity UNITE with value you can give the world?  Focusing on only one or the other will not bring the success most in this chat desire.




Once you’ve identified your big idea, use FB groups that are chock-full of your potential customers & clients and ask them if they will test your solution in return for their feedback.

Testing and surveying can get you a long way. Prototyping, whatever it takes to validate or invalidate your assumptions.


@ChelseaKrost: Stay confident in your idea, but be open to hearing feedback. Accept criticism and opinions without taking things too seriously/personally. Successful entrepreneurs learn how to stay nimble and flexible with evolving trends all while staying true to core beliefs.

First off realize the fact that hurt people, hurt people. There will always be haters. But, it is critical that you identify honest and genuine a criticism, apply it to your solution, and improve upon your big idea. No one created the perfect solution the first time.

Take it constructively. Consider this your research and try looking at it from the consumers’ perspective.



Once you’ve gotten some good feedback on your big idea, it’s time to create a content plan around it where you are going to create value around your big idea, attract the right people, and then offered them the Solution.

: “the first step to planning is planning” – PMP, yesterday. You need a plan for the plan with measurable milestones. A way to know what success (and failure) looks like and a timeline for delivery (even if beta/draft). Adjust the plan not the end goal.



Successful entrepreneurs our goal focused. They set one goal, and are single-minded in their focus of accomplishing that goal. FOCUS: Follow one course until success.

Put yourself out there even more. There are so many pros willing to help and give support. Use all your resources!


@ChelseaKrost: Entrepreneur life has its incredible and difficult moments. It’s important to seek out the silver lining in each hardship, project, conversation, or failure. That is how you learn and grow most! 

Biggest lessons:

A good lesson I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is to never stop learning. I am always dedicating some of my time to consuming great content and remaining cutting edge, the world moves fast, you have to be agile enough to keep up. On the flipside, being too reliant on what worked in the past is a share a recipe of being left behind in the future. 

Not to be so serious or rigid. Let the process evolve. Stay focused, but flexible.


@ChelseaKrost: Every entrepreneur deals with a downfall at some point. Learn from your failures and become a stronger not bitter because of it. Give yourself time to grieve and then pick yourself up and come back swinging smarter.

Humans are designed to fail. From when we try to learn to talk, walk, and everything that comes after. We learn from failure. So always look at failure as a good way to learn, adjust and execute.

I was talking to a successful entrepreneur (multi milly) and his basic advice was “fail fast, fail often, then move on.” Better to fail and learn, than to procrastinate and stagnate. Failure is just an opp for most to move on to the next Big Idea


@ChelseaKrost:Through the roller coaster ups & downs you should be excited to see your BIG IDEA come to life. Enjoy every second doing what you care about and be proud of what you accomplish. Acknowledge your hard work and celebrate every win!

This is our one life to live, there’s no reset button. The worst thing that can happen and 10, 30, 50 years is regret. Regret is a sad emotion, so take chances on the things you love, and you’ll love your entrepreneurial journey.

 Your entrepreneurial journey will be your life! Takes time & energy. If you don’t love it, you won’t succeed

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