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#MillennialTalk Recap: “Brand Building with Travel, Adventure, and Relationships”

We all want to build our brand in an authentic and fun way, right? When you think of brand building, I bet all of the traditional ways come to mind like social media, content creation, and networking events. But, what if we could build our brand and professional relationships through travel and adventure? Sound too good to be true? Well, I have some good news…you absolutely can! That’s why we asked Award-nominated Storyteller and Travel Vlogger, David Rhodes, and TV host for a new travel show, Video Globetrotter, Scott Eddy, to join us this week on #MillennialTalk. I am lucky enough to call both of these awesome guys my friends and they are always down for a fun adventure or new experience and have totally mastered the art of community building along the way.✈️????

Our chat covered everything from how to capture quality content while traveling to connecting the dots between your professional brand and personal travel. Ready to learn more? Check out these highlights from our chat… ⬇️


Scroll down for a recap of our Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: Brand building, traveling, and meeting new people helps you grow as a person. With each new experience, you learn valuable lessons and open doors to more opportunities. Exposure, Experience, and Relationships are the ultimate trifecta for brand building!
@Rhodes411: They all require you to be willing to put yourself out there. You can’t be afraid to make that call, send that message, or try something new! Otherwise, you’re only holding yourself back.
@MrScottEddy: Traveling gave me a global perspective, it taught me how to build brands across different cultures, to different demographics. As for relationships, the people you meet along the way on your travels are usually like-minded & those relationships last a lifetime
@BrianHartPR: From a business standpoint, many make the mistake of neglecting all three of these when things get busy. Then, when business dries up, they try to flip the switch and turn them back on. Doesn’t work like that. Need steady commitment


(Me, David Rhodes, and Jeff Barrett – NOT getting into trouble at #AdobeSummit)
@ChelseaKrost: Travel is a great way to connect w/ your online audience in person. When heading to a destination or conference plan a meetup to connect w/ your network. Having true face time is the best way to further establish the relationships that could lead to collabs!
@Rhodes411: Travel allows you to break out of your comfort zone and puts you in position to meet people you usually wouldn’t meet. Use this to your advantage!
@MrScottEddy: Well it depends on what you’re building, traveling definitely gives you a new perspective, a fresh outlook, and sometimes it’s nice to travel to a place where you will be completely disconnected, so when you come back your outlook will be completely reset.
@LizzVo: Traveling is an adventure. How do we handle challenges? How open are we to change? Exploring 100% strengthens our brand


@ChelseaKrost: Many new places provide great photo opportunities ???? Look for eye-catching murals, beautiful landscapes, & unique attractions to capture. Make it a moment = visual feast! These pictures are the ones that will perform best on visual platforms like @instagram
@Rhodes411: When traveling, content is all around you! Everywhere I look I’m always trying to figure out how I can best capture what’s around me. Take a moment to plan out your shots and have fun with it!
@MrScottEddy: I love that perfect shot, that perfect angle, social media is just a tool to showcase it. I look at destinations through my eyes, not the eyes of the media. My favorite is going to a place that CNN is throwing under the bus, to show the world how amazing it is!
@vincenzolandino: capture whatever feeds your inner curiosity. I find that forcing content capture for the sake of getting that shot that everyone else has does no good to anyone. Especially your audience.


@ChelseaKrost: YOU are your personal brand. So organically your adventures are relevant to who you are, what you do, & what you can share w/ your audience. Every professional benefits from sharing purely personal experiences, milestones, & interests to attract like-minded people!
@Rhodes411: You can always find ways to make travel part of your brand. Focus on what interests you most about traveling, whether it be food, activities etc., and reach out to places to connect those dots!
@MrScottEddy: For me there isn’t a wall between my personal and business life, I have made my brand very personal, its all about developing new relationships (connecting those dots) while on adventures & I try very hard to grow my brand & meet new people when I’m traveling.
@NathalieGregg: You are your brand. You should live your brand daily. It is an extension of you. So your travels and adventures would continue to support and build your brand.


@ChelseaKrost: Traveling has given me exposure, experience, motivation, gratitude, and inspiration in absolutely every facet of my business. Each new location whether it was Africa, Peru, Malaysia, or Greece stays has stayed w/ me forever & has shaped me along the way.
@Rhodes411: I’m inspired most by creating and sharing adventures and experiences! My focus is to create content and it drives me to want to try new things and create stories that help people experience it with me!
@MrScottEddy: Enjoying it with locals, for me if I can engage with locals, it’s a win win. The R in ROI stands for relationships, the more you make (especially when traveling), the more you win!!!!!
@ce_steele: The opportunity to meet new people and gain a new perspective is always inspiring to me. Especially when attending conferences and events where I can connect with other professionals in my field and gain new insights and ideas


@ChelseaKrost: While hosting my 1st radio show I organized a mission trip to Africa in 2009 on behalf of feminine hygiene care. The documentary created from this trip is what led to my “Millennial Spokesperson” agreement w/ @ubykotex This trip changed my life & brand forever.
@Rhodes411Traveling has enhanced my brand because it allows for so much more content creation. I’m always most creative when traveling! Mainly because I feel like if I’m sitting around doing nothing I’m wasting my time there.
@MrScottEddy: After being in investment banking for 10 yrs, the best thing that happened was them coming out of the office one day saying they sold the firm. Went on a trip overseas that changed my life..BOOM lived in 6 countries for 17 years, just came back a few years ago.
@stephsteeves7: Stronger connections. Nothing (video chat included) replaces a good in-person meeting with people, especially if you can connect over a meal! You learn so much, and the walls come down.


@ChelseaKrost: Within the past 10 years I lived in 3 different states plus a ton of travel for work engagements. It never feels like goodbye when you meet new people or move because we now have social media to help stay connected & involved in each other’s lives.
@Rhodes411Social media is the ultimate communication tool nowadays, and it connects you to people all over the world! One of the best experiences is when you finally get to meet that online friend you’ve known for years! ???? It strengthens the relationship so much!


(MrScottEddy and I snapping a selfie onset at the Rise + Live Show)
@MrScottEddy: I try to meet new people, local people, everywhere I go. I stay very active engaging on local hashtags on a daily basis wherever I go.
@CardozaGab: Social brings us closer together! We are all connected no matter how far we may be. It’s an easy, instantaneous way to meet people + continue a conversation.


@ChelseaKrost: My motto is life is short & there is never a better time to travel to somewhere new & soak in all that it has to offer to help evolve your mindset, perspective, brand, network, and beyond! Tech has made it easier than ever to work remote. Seize the day!
@Rhodes411: Try to make time for yourself. I often feel guilty if I’m not doing something, but over time I’ve allowed myself to take those brief downtime moments. It’s easy to burn out, and your mental health is more important than anything!
@MrScottEddy: Well it depends on what you’re building, traveling definitely gives you a new perspective, a fresh outlook, and sometimes it’s nice to travel to a place where you will be completely disconnected, so when you come back your outlook will be completely reset.
@SophiaPotier: There is no such thing as “work-life balance” 🙂 travel refreshes the soul and creates more energy for your business and passions!


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