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6 Easy Strategies for Staying Hydrated at Work

6 Easy Strategies for Staying Hydrated at Work

Whether you work at a job you love or just one that pays the bills, it’s easy to have days or even weeks where time flies by. When you get busy and have a never-ending to-do list, hydration is probably the last thing you think about.

Some people may even prefer not to stay hydrated, opting for less water and fewer bathroom breaks to maximize their productivity. Even if you face tight deadlines, your health should always come before what you need to finish before you clock out.

So how can you keep up your water intake during those busy days? Read about these six easy strategies for staying hydrated at work. You’ll never need to worry about going without water again.

1. Keep Water Within Reach

Time is the most significant issue that keeps people from drinking water while at work. People who have a long to-do list in the hours they have left in the workday won’t want to waste time getting up and down to go to the water fountain or kitchen fridge down the hall.

That’s why the first thing you can do to stay hydrated is to keep water within reach. You can do this in a variety of different ways, depending on your work setting.

A creative way to ensure that you have plenty of water at your desk is to buy a filtered pitcher and keep it nearby. You’ll have access to liters of water without having to get up, and your drink will never make a mess on your desk by leaving water condensation rings. 

2. Use a Water-Tracking App

Some things are easier to keep track of than others. Meals are easy because they take place at specific times of the day, with food you prepare and remember.

Remembering how much water you’ve had during the day is a little more complicated, especially if you’re focused on your work. To help you remember, you can download a water-tracking app. Make charts and reports to see how often you’re staying hydrated over time, and learn what times of the day are more difficult for you to grab some water. 

3. Flavor Your Water

Water isn’t the most flavorful drink, and that’s understandable. That shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a cold, refreshing glass whenever you can to stay hydrated while you’re at work.

Look into buying flavor packets for your water. As long as they’re sugar-free and not overly caffeinated, they won’t hurt your health and will make you reach for water more often than before you used flavor packets. 

4. Ditch Other Drinks

One other reason people don’t often drink water is that there are so many other beverages available. While sodas and teas can hit the spot, they don’t hydrate as well as water does.

Make it easier on yourself by ditching other drinks. Instead of going to the soda machine, keep a refillable bottle with you during work. There are many shapes and designs in water bottles to choose, as well as eco-friendly options and bottles that are BPA-free. 

When you stop drinking from plastic bottles, you’ll feel more hydrated than ever and save water bottles from adding to the 121 million tons of waste that comes from plastic bottles each year. 

5. Eat Water-Based Snacks

If you can’t drink more water, eat more hydrating snacks. Foods you probably already enjoy, like strawberries, watermelon and cucumbers, are great ways to get more water during the day. See how you can incorporate them into your meals, so you’re increasing your water intake during the times when you can eat. 

6. Set Periodic Alarms

It may seem too elementary, but you can always set periodic alarms to remind yourself when to take a sip of water. Setting aside those 10 seconds shouldn’t harm your schedule, and it’ll help you get into the habit of drinking more often during the day.

See What Works

Everyone will have to try different strategies to see what works in their life. Your schedule might make it easier to keep a refillable bottle at your desk, or you might have to rely more on water-based snacks.

Whatever you decide to do, remember your goal. Staying hydrated will make you feel better and think more clearly, creating better workdays no matter how stressful they get. 



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