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#MillennialTalk Recap: “BOOST Your Business With Proven New Age Brand Building, Marketing, and Social Media Tactics”

We all know that brand building, marketing, and social media are key elements to creating a successful business today. Yet, building a brand and an engaged online community or membership is certainly no small feat.  So, how do you pop through the clutter and reach your target consumer or member today? Well, it all starts with understanding the differences between each generation and learning how millennials have influenced the way we consume content, connect, and share information in this hyper-connected world we live in.

On this week’s #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat powered by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), we invited branding and social media experts, Goldie Chan and Jeff Barrett, to join us in a discussion all about today’s most popular digital marketing trends and engagement tactics. From brand experience to influencer marketing, we covered it all ✅

Ready to boost your brand and learn what makes each generation tick? See what the experts have to say! ⤵

Scroll down for a recap of this weeks Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: Best brand experience: @Apple 
Apple has always created tech products that are easy to use, make my personal & professional life easier and more efficient, and they provide fast action customer service. Doesn’t get much better than that ☑️
@GoldieChanI am such a fan of @originalfunko and how they talk to their fans. As someone who has collected their figures for years, they are always communicating with their fans. Another brand I enjoy is @rodemics– they often spotlight creatives and their work while subtly showcasing their products.
@BarrettAll: Well, look, I worked with @TacoBell before and got Waffle Taco Nikes. So that. But @Homage knocked it out of the park with NBA Jam and a truly great, in-person experience.
@NCMA: We’re loving the @Zoom webinar platform at the moment. Seamless, clean & fresh product—just like its visual brand! Relatively easy for gov’t & industry to access, which is important to our members.
@PopCultRainman: I have to say it’s @glossier—effective and original products and an amazing price point. Best lip gloss on the market!


@ChelseaKrost: There are many differences between generations, but truly the biggest difference is the fact that Millennials grew up with the internet creating a gap with tech language, integration, & innovation. 
Social breakdown: Where to find each generation ⤵️
  • Boomer: Facebook, LinkedIn
  • GenXer: Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Millennial: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat
  • Gen Zer: Instagram, Snapchat
@GoldieChan: Biggest difference between generations? #GenZ wants honesty from brands & they want to be front + center. #Millennials want to feel fulfilled. #GenXer want more stability. #GenZ are setting the trends for digital now – with @tiktok_us and everything digital-first.
@BarrettAllHot take. There are no differences between generations. What stage of life you are in dictates your perception. And we should remember that as marketers. Also. Someday I will be old and yelling at clouds. Circle of life.
@NCMA: We have an almost equal distribution among almost 20,000 NCMA members. Our #Boomers tell us they value #mentorship & giving back. #Millennials & #GenX tell us they are looking for career advancement & certifications.Everybody says they love events & conferences, though, like our upcoming #NCMAwc!
@cat_sperl: Tech literacy. Younger generations especially use socials & news at their fingertips to hold brands to higher levels of accountability.


@ChelseaKrost: Millennials have shifted the way marketers operate today on social because they are:
  • Compulsive Multi-taskers
  • Hyper Connected
  • Have Short Attention Spans
  • Very Diverse
  • Discount Savvy
@GoldieChan: Millennial consumers are much savvier than their predecessors. They want to know what they’re buying and is it the right price + value. Millennial consumers also grew up on a mix of traditional ads and digital ads. They love nostalgia that harkens back to that pre-digital era.
@BarrettAll: There are a lot of cliches like being more human. That’s obvi. Experiences matter. But I think convenience has been the biggest shift. Millennials will overpay for the right convenience whether that’s food, transportation or even bigger items.
@NCMA: NCMA has made the shift to #responsivedesign with our website & email communications—not just to support #Millennials, but for all of our members who access #contractmanagement info on the go. We also notice a greater desire for virtual engagement within our local Chapters & membership vs. committing to monthly in-person meetings.
@C_LONAS: Online influencer marketing is a major one. Don’t get me wrong – influencers are in all generations, however, the millennials, IMO, are the ones that have truly pioneered the marketing in the digital world by a long shot.


Key #1 ????: Value
In order to appeal to any audience, your content must provide VALUE…entertain, educate and engage with them through personalized brand messaging and content!
Key #2 ????: Brand Personality
Key #3 ????: Social Media Platforms 
It is important to remember that each social platform attracts a different demographic who is looking to engage and consume content differently. Don’t try to be everywhere, focus on being where your audience is!
@GoldieChan: 1) Appeal to your audience by clearly defining them – where do they live, where do they shop, what do they do for a living. 2) What is the big problem or problems in their life? How can you help solve them? 3) How can you create community for your target audience? Can you start a conversation between them?
@BarrettAll1. Listen. You won’t know what to do if you don’t. 2. Be funny. If you’re not funny, find someone who is .???? But just be relatable. 3. Get involved with your audience and help them with something important in their life. Like showing up to their tweet chat.????
@NCMAWe have found: 1. Personalization 2. Segmentation 3. Choice
@IanGertler: Always offer value for them, establish a level of trust and work to understand their priorities—good advice for all to follow, regardless of generation. Be their superhero, when possible (by creating rewarding experiences).


@ChelseaKrost: #influencers are our modern digital publicists! Use them to spread the word about your brand, amplify your messaging, & educate consumers about your product/service. Be sure to tap into influencers with a social following that aligns with your target market
@GoldieChan: Having an influencer impact multiple generations is as simple as finding a much bigger, broader shared theme that many generations will appreciate (family, business etc) 
@BarrettAll: *Jeff stands up on soapbox Influencer engagement is simple. Stop focusing on swag or special seating. Influencers want something that will help their career grow. Do that and they will move mountains for you. Give them a water bottle and get ok results. ????
@NCMA: Identifying & engaging the “celebs” within the community (like Jack in this pic) has always helped us draw a crowd online or at events & training.


@ChelseaKrost: How to engage Millennials: – Be authentic – Invest in taking the time to create dialogue with new members/consumers – Establish a voice, define if there is a face to your brand/organization, and make your message clear.
@GoldieChan: Engage Millennials by sitting down and talking with the ones that are already in your network – where do they shop, what do they like, what are their goals? Make it mobile – Millennials are likely to be on their phones or mobile devices so talking to them and creating optimal mobile experiences helps. For work – personal relationships are more important than staying at one workplace for many millennials. They want to know that they are appreciated and heard.
@NCMA: As an organization with nearly 90 Chapters, We have a young professional steering committee that helps NCMA design & frame our benefits to better support the community.
@stephsteeves7: Authentically! To ’s earlier point, don’t try to be all things to all people. E where it makes sense, and create “human”, personal connections. They’re the most memorable, and impactful


@ChelseaKrost: For me, it’s all about the experience! I want to participate in things that provide opportunities for me to learn, grow, network. Great example was in Orlando this May. w/
@GoldieChan: I want to actively participate when I feel there’s a real conversation or back-and-forth happening between myself and a brand or chapter. I am more likely to get involved when I’m also brought into something by someone who is in my inner circle aka someone that I trust.
@LindsayFultz: 1) Purpose and passion. And 2) loyalty incentives with a brand that provides me long term value. Short term incentives for participation get my hotmail email address.
@ChelseaKrost: When it comes to a work-related membership I always ask myself:
  •  Will this expand my insights/inspo?
  •  Will this help grow my career?
  •  Is this a good networking platform?
  •  Can I increase my visibility?
  •  Does this add to my brand authority?
@Goldie Chan: I’ll likely join a new membership or chapter if I’ve heard of them already and they have a great reputation. Brand awareness DOES matter.
@JKatzaman: To join a cause, there has to be an emotional connection that ignites passion. Without that, a cause becomes a square filler with empty words as a facade.


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