Krost Coin Mission and Meet The Team

 Krost Coin CEO, Chelsea Krost, talks about her beginnings and the mission behind Krost Coin.



Krost Coin White Paper 

Krost Coin was developed in 2018 by Chelsea Krost, America’s leading Millennial influencer, LinkedIn rated top 20 Millennial marketing strategist, global keynote speaker, Forbes contributor, and the #MillennialTalk host whose influence shapes marketing strategies of not only small businesses but Fortune 500 corporations.

Krost was the youngest broadcast radio producer and talk show host to create a program for Millennials by Millennials when she was just 16, back in 2007.

Teen Talk Live was innovative and ahead of its time. Krost led the show into a success then started producing and appearing in TV spots first on Local News and then onto National News outlets like Bloomberg, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and MSNBC.

With $200B in annual buying power, smart business owners and marketers know they need to get creative and think digital when it comes to grabbing a piece of the lucrative Millennial market share.

Over the past 10 years Krost has been dedicated to teaching her followers and clients how to appeal to the digital Millennial mindset, how to attract Millennial consumers through social media, content creation, and influencer marketing, and how to bridge the generation gap and increase retention in the workplace.

Krost has the ability to tap her robust internal influencer network for various client activation(s). She can align influencer talent and create dynamic social media campaigns that creates 100+ million impressions for clients of all sizes.

At just 27 years old, Krost is on fire and eager to create more mentorship opportunities and funding to empower fellow Female Entrepreneurs and Women-led businesses.

Female founders received just $1.9 billion of the total $85 billion invested by venture capitalists in 2017. That’s just 2.2 percent of the year’s total. And, only .02 percent of VC goes to female founders of color.

Networking is also key, especially among female entrepreneurs themselves. To that end, Krost launched a coaching division within her company, Chelsea Productions, to help female entrepreneurs increase their visibility, influence, and profits. Krost says, “Women need to stick together, empower each other, propel the conversation and continue to innovate our way to the top.”

Krost sees the token/coin marketplace as an incredible way to become a major marketing asset, financial resource, and networking think tank to assist Female Entrepreneurs build and scale their dream business. Krost hopes to develop her own blockchain so that Millennial entrepreneurs can create their own coin value for their business on a Krost Coin platform.

Krost says, “This could truly be the catalyst for change that brings more opportunity than ever to Millennial Entrepreneurs and Women in business.”

  Krost Coin CFO, Jordan Weinstein, talks about transparency and how Krost Coin is the”Amazon Prime of Airdrops.”



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About Chelsea Krost

Chelsea Krost is one of America’s leading Millennial influencers, Millennial marketing and brand strategists, a sought-after keynote speaker, media personality, and the #MillennialTalk chat host. Her passion for empowering the Millennial generation has shaped her brand. Chelsea’s influence reaches everywhere, shaping marketing strategies of not only small businesses but Fortune 500 corporations

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