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6 Ways to Guarantee the Most Informative Social Media Profile

Most people, more or less, don’t enjoy taking about themselves. How do you big yourself up without seeming obnoxious and  incredibly arrogant, but still manage to sell yourself? Social media profiles and bios are now the quickest way to do this. One quick glance at your profile and potential employers or clients can glean a fairly good synopsis on what you’re all about – so make sure you make it as impressive as possible! Here are six simple tips that can help you improve your social media bio:

Do you tell them who you are?

Avoid pseudonyms (unless it is a name you always go by), and keep your name consistent over all of your social media platforms. ‘You would be surprised by the amount of people that have their full name on one account, a nickname on another, and an alias on a separate account – keep it consistent!’ says Fred Diaz, social media manager at Paper fellows. If your company uses social media by department for customer service, then make sure to distinguish the separate offices by using different social media handles, but keep the branding consistent by naming them with a common theme.

What about work?

If you use social media for work, then you need to have a professional bio that informs the reader who you are and what you do. Steer clear of anything too personal, and flowery or informal language, but be sure to include your company’s social media links, so that you are more easily discoverable. Some sites encourage the sharing of skills and past work experience on your bio; however, consider if it seems appropriate before going ahead with this! If your social media profile is brand specific, your bio is an excellent way to tell potential customers what you’re about, and anything new you have going on.

But who are you really?

While it is probably unwise to include overly personal information as mentioned above, giving an insight into who you are and what you like to do can have a personalising touch. What are your passions, your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing? Do you volunteer, or do anything interesting in your spare time? Feel free to include a little humour here, too – it never hurt anyone! You might find it helpful to use a writing tool here, to help with hashtags, post generation and copywriting. Some excellent ones are Bigassignments and Academ advisor – they are very helpful in making your bio stand out from the crowd.

How can they reach you?

The best social media bios are short, sweet, and packed with information. How can people potentially get in touch with you if they need to? It’s no good leaving them forced to contact you via the social media platform – you need to include an email, external links to more of your work, links to your other social media platforms. Additionally, different social media sites promote different things, and so the links you include will probably be different for each one. You are more likely to include a website link from Facebook, whereas Twitter is a more personable platform that encourages interaction.

What is your social media account about?

‘Including a sneak peak of what topics interest you helps people gain an insight into what your social media profile will be about’, says Shelli Black, marketing strategist at Eliteassignmenthelp and Oxessays. ‘It helps potential followers get an idea of whether they feel your account is worth a follow or not!’

Do you set the tone?

Are you going for very informal, lots of memes, and plenty of jokes? Or are is your profile more serious and professional, taking an education stance, rather than an informal one? Whatever you decide upon, you should set the tone clearly in your bio, stating what you’re about and making it obvious what type of account you run. This can differ depending on what platform you are on, of course; your LinkedIn profile will, in all likelihood, be massively different in tone and content to you Twitter page! Using an online editing tool such as Essayroo or Australian help can really help you get your tone right.

The bio of your social media is the first point of call for people landing on your page, and you want to make sure you grab them as soon as you can. Don’t lose them – follow these tips and create a snappy social media bio to capture your audience and make sure they stay for good!


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