During our one on one time together we will evaluate, position and package your expertise so that your personal brand and business attracts more opportunities and more money!

My promise to you: In 30 days or less, no matter what package you may choose, you will eliminate confusion and have a clear action plan that identifies your branding, lead generation, social media, and content marketing strategy.


V.I.P Brand Boost Package

Increase your VISIBILITYINFLUENCE, and PROFITS without breaking the bank!



VIP Day or VIP ½ DayTime is Money! For those of you who are looking to get down to business and make moves fast, I totally get it.

If you have a specific area in your business you would like to focus on, we can create a custom VIP Day that fits your specific needs.

It is incredible what happens when you block out the rest of the world and spend one-day hyper-focused on your brand or business. The clarity and roadmap that you will get from just one day together will blow your mind and leave you feeling empowered to catapult your success.

All VIP coaching clients get lifetime access to my “DIY” Millennial Marketing Formula Course.


Doug Campbell
Communication Specialist and Coach

“Chelsea did a tremendous job working with me on my branding and digital marketing. Not only is she professional and friendly, but she is very thorough as well. Chelsea showed me new perspectives for my website and social media that helped me land new clients within 24 hours! I would definitely recommend Chelsea to anyone who wants to bring their business to higher levels.”

Evangelia Leclaire
Career Strategist and Coach

“If there is ever a time to learn about millennial marketing it’s now! I’ve been running businesses that target millennials for over a decade, but as I got older (I’m a millennial cusper, aka xillennial) it became challenging for me to engage with my much younger clients. Chelsea’s course, helped me identify, target and engage with ideal clients within the millennial micro niches that I am best fit to serve.  My investment in the course helped catalyzed business activities that boosted my credibility, visibility and profits.  I’m in contract with companies that have a wide-reach to millennials and am better equipped to bring in new business as a result of the info, stats and tactics that MMF provides. I’m now actively and consistently writing on sites like Fairy God Boss and Mother.ly.  I’m focusing solely on Instagram and LinkedIn for now and becoming more comfortable with compiling and repurposing UGC.  I also am equipped with amazing stats (many of which I’m familiar with); yet the way you and your team organize, process and communicate/present information is so laser-like and clear. Last, but certainly not least, Chelsea is a rockstar teacher. She has such a heart for helping entrepreneurs and it shows in the quality of her content and presentation and the EXTRA bonuses she offers. She’s SO well organized, informative and inspirational.  I am so thankful for her trailblazing this path!”

Marisa Hughes
LCSW, Intuitive Trauma Healer

“Chelsea is a born entrepreneur. She is talented beyond words and has a knack for helping those she works with to truly connect with their own entrepreneurial strength. Chelsea has given me the confidence to take my career from a corporate/agency setting into the entrepreneurial space, where my abilities could truly shine. She taught me how to use social media to build a network of valued followers, create a brand that aligns with my mission, and speak to my target audience seamlessly. Chelsea empowered me to manage my own business strategy and gave me the tools to handle every detail myself. She helped me create a content calendar that supports my goals and enables me to feel in control of my business rather than it controlling me. The biggest gift Chelsea has given me is the ability to work smart, through efficient and purposeful strategy. If you have the opportunity to work with Chelsea, take it! You, your business, and your clients will be grateful that you did!”

Ken DePasquale
Business Consultant & Restaurateur 

“Chelsea Krost hit the nail squarely on the head with the marketing analysis and recommendations she made to Burger 21 International….. accurate, cogent and forward thinking. She provided mission clarity and a specific plan to achieve the marketing objectives. I would describe Chelsea as highly effective. Without question, she is an American superstar and will reach iconic status in her career.”

Melissa Guerrero
President at LetlerFit Inc

“My target market are millennials, and I was struggling to convert my social media followers into loyal customers. With the help of Chelsea’s training, I was able to narrow down my millennial micro-market to better target my customers and increase sales by upgrading my social media strategy and cleaning up some loose ends on the website. Since completing the Millennial Marketing Formula Course, my social media engagement on all my channels have doubled! Oh, and the bonuses are AMAZING!”