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6 Tips for Bringing Micro-Luxuries Into Your Life During the Holidays Through Self-Care

Bringing Micro-Luxuries Into Your Life During the Holidays Through Self-Care

‘Are you getting ready for the holidays?’ A simple question that has become triggering for most. 2020 has been stressful enough, so this holiday season should be something to look forward to, right? Nope, still stressful as ever. While we can’t control most of what’s causing our stress, we can control one thing – how we handle it. I’m here to help you relieve your holiday season stress with some self-care. As a millennial myself, self-care is practically embedded in my DNA.

Here are my best tips on how to bring micro-luxuries into your life during the holidays through self-care:


Tip #1 – Small additions to enhance your everyday life:

These are practical ways you can bring luxury into your life without paying the price:

  • Elevate your shower experience using eucalyptus leaves; I get mine at Trader Joe’s for $3!
  • Light a candle & dim the lights whilst showering or in the bath.
  • Get yourself extremely inexpensive ‘luxurious’ home items:
  • A waffle bathrobe; wear it on your at-home spa nights or all the time
  • Gel face mask; store it in the fridge & put this baby on when you wake up
  • Faux hotel slippers; to feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel


Tip #2 – Weekly at-home spa routine

My ultimate self-care regime is an at-home spa routine. Set aside at least one night a week (or more) for an elevated shower/bath and an extended skincare routine. Give yourself ample time to enjoy the mundane daily task of showering. Use a body scrub, moisturize, do a facemask, then lounge in your waffle robe and faux hotel slippers (for longer than you should) after your shower/bath.


Tip #3 – Holiday Gift Guides

Here’s a tangible tip for those who feel guilty about not being the best gift-giver and are worried about being able to afford gifts for everyone. These are versatile holiday gift guides which include creative, thought out gifts at all price points:

Goop’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide – for the boujee & innovative people in your life

NY Times 2020 Holiday Gift Guide – or *literally* every type of person in your life

Chicago Tribune 2020 Holiday Gift Guide – for the work from home or quarantined people in your life

Who What Wear’s 39 Holiday Gifts That Are Relevant in 2020 – for the millennials in your life


Tip #4 – Take 5-50 minutes every day for yourself, quality > quantity. 

Right now, a lot of us are spending more time than usual at home, and it’s important to find an outlet for yourself; whether it’s exercising, meditating, listening to music/podcast, taking a drive, etc. Regardless of the activity, find something you love and do it every day for 5-50 minutes – think of it as your daily escape from reality. Above all else, focus on the quality of time over the quantity of time; if you have 50 minutes, great, if you have just 5 minutes, that’s great too.


Tip #5 – Make your self-care routine personal and expect trial & error.   

Make this time personal and do what YOU want – it’s not called SELF-care for nothing! Absorb self-care tips and then sift through what interests you the most. Try out different activities and do not get discouraged when something does not work for you; the beginning stages of self-care are always trial and error.


Tip #6 – Do not feel guilty about taking time for yourself. 

In the midst of worrying about your friends & family during the holidays, you tend to forget about the most important person, you! If you have others to worry about, you can feel guilty for wanting to take time for yourself. But, as you start practicing self-care you realize how necessary it is to function as your best self for not only yourself, but for those around you.

Happy (stress free & self-care incorporated) holidays to you all!


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