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13 Cheap Cheap Amazon Finds You Need in Your Cube

13 Cheap Cheap Amazon Finds You Need in Your Cube

Your cube looks pretty sad, but so does your wallet. You want cheap options to lighten up your workspace without breaking the bank. You’ve come to the right place!

My first cube after college came with immense excitement because I had the opportunity to decorate my very own work space. After scanning Pinterest for my ideal color scheme and overall aesthetic, I went to Target. I was shell shocked by the price tags – a pencil holder for $39.00? I thought I’d never be able to afford an entire cube makeover.

Then I remembered I’m a millennial and I overlooked my most frequent store, Amazon. Here’s 13 items you need in your cube to make your heart, your cube and your wallet happy:

1. Fake Plants to Bring Real Happiness

Plants can make you happier and more productive, but the LED lights over your cube will certainly kill real plants. Buy this cute set of 5 faux succulents to add a little greenery to your work environment.

2. Hooked on these Over the Cubical Storage Hooks

Storage hooks are both incredibly practical and affordable as you’ll need to hang your blazers somewhere in your cube. Please don’t hang your blazers over your chair when you come into work each day. You’re dramatically decreasing the life of your blazers, not to mention they’ll be completely wrinkled later on for your big meeting.

3. Mini Ladybug Helper to Vacuum up Your Crumbs

You’ll never realize how dirty your keyboard is until you get something to suck up all the gunk. This little gadget is only $10.99, will make you smile on a tough day, and suck up all those donut crumbs in your cube.

Bonus Note: This Ladybug Vacuum is miniature sized, making it perfect to sit on your desk without taking up a lot of space.

4. Foot Rest for Your Future Self

You may be young now, but sit at a desk for 8 hours every day and your bad posture habits will catch up to you in a few years. Foot rests have been proven to improve circulation, increase blood flow, and relieve lower back pressure. As a 25-year-old with back pain, do your future self a favor and buy the cheap foot rest.

5. A Heater to Warm You Up

Offices have to counteract the amount of people in the building by keeping the temperature very cool. While overall a good concept, the cold temps can make for a very chilly cube, especially in the summer months. I purchased this heater about a year ago and still use it every single day. With tip over protection, it automatically shuts off if it falls over. This heater is also designed for the floor *hello warm feet* and of course has a wonderfully cheap price tag.

Bonus note: This heater also comes in four fun colors (pink, blue, white and black). My heater is pink – who says you cheap items can’t have style!

6. A Fan to Cool You Off

While the temperature can be cold in the office, it can also be boiling hot. This USB fan plugs into your computer to perfectly sit on your desk to cool off your face.

Bonus Note: This fan is incredibly quiet. You can easily sit on a conference call with the great fan in your face and only you will know. Unless you’re on a Zoom call, then you’ll be in a Beyonce moment, which isn’t really a bad thing either!

7. Keep Your Coffee Warm with this Mug Warmer

Picture this: you walk into work, fill up a cup of coffee, set it down and then walk over to gossip with your coworker. Fast forward 30 minutes and your once steaming hot coffee is now ice cold. With this cheap but predictable mug warmer, your problem is solved. I love this warmer specifically because of the price, the extra long cord, and the sleek black design makes it easy to keep clean.

8. Keep Your Screen Clean

You clean your home, but have you ever thought to clean your computer screen? You should because the dust on your screen could be causing your allergies. I use this cheap, all in one cleaning kit on my desktop, laptop and phone – an incredible bang for your buck!

Bonus Note: This kit is made from Calyuptus, the safest cleaner chemical for your technology.

9. A Cheap Desk Organizer -Because Organization is Key

In a cube, you have limited countertop space and will need quick access to your office materials. Organization is key. This desk organizer is spacious, black, and cheap. I organize my files on the top, hold my note pad in the top drawer, and put other misc. office items like my calculator, post it notes, and Chapstick in the bottom drawer.   

10. An Elephant to Bring You Good Luck, Oh and Your Pens

Elephants are considered to bring good luck and wisdom, both things I happily welcome on a Monday morning! This cute guy holds a good number of pens/pencils and your cell phone. Place your phone on its side so you can charge your phone on the elephant’s trunk.

Bonus Note: If elephants aren’t quite your style, this cheap option also comes as a dinosaur, dolphin, eagle and penguin.

11. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself with this Portable Mirror

That sandwich you had for lunch tasted amazing but you should check to make sure there’s nothing in your teeth. For my ladies, this mirror is also great for adding a quick layer of lipstick. This mirror has a sturdy stand, is adjustable and of course cheap.

12. This Diffuser Puts Good Vibes and Great Smells Into the Air

Certain smells bring back great memories. Peppermint for me brings me back to Christmas time festivities. This cheap oil diffuser has an auto shut off feature and changes colors.

Bonus Note: This diffuser includes a green light intermittent misting mode. This setting diffuses every 30 seconds for 6 hours to create a long lasting, good smelling cubical. I call this my “set it and forget it” setting.

13. Pens that Make You Smile

You need these pens for two reasons. First, their high five will make you smile on a bad day. Two, you’ll never have to worry about coworkers stealing your pens.  

Now with these 13 cheap finds from Amazon, your cube will be fun, functional and won’t break the bank. For more fun posts and related content, check out my blog!


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