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5 Marriage Saving Tips for Passionate Entrepreneurs

A marriage is a serious commitment and it is hard work even for those couples who have steady 9 to 5 jobs. Things get even more complicated if one or both spouses are entrepreneurs. Unpredictable work hours and unstable income will cause a headache to any household. The adventure of marriage literary coincides with the adventure entrepreneurship already is, so it is necessary to changes one’s routine in order to adjust. It is possible for businessmen to have stable marriages, they just need to work a little harder and change their ways just one bit. In order for this change to be in the right direction, we offer 5 tips that might just save your marriage.

Busy all day?

Entrepreneurship requires you to be both mentally and physically present 24/7. If a call comes at midnight, you may need to leave the house then or tend to some serious business at the break of dawn. Because self-owned businesses are versatile, each couple will face a different set of challenges that come down to one crucial problem: over-absence from home. In order to avoid this phenomenon common in business people, a change of a mindset is required. Once you get married, you invest in the relationship with your partner. Think of being there for your spouse as “keeping the investment safe,” to put it jokingly.


Since the whole business rests on your shoulders, you are bound to be under stress most of the time. This period overlaps with the time you spend home, so your marriage will most certainly suffer because of work-related stress. Not only is it possible to avoid this scenario, but you can turn around having a family from a nuisance into your strength. First of all, sit down and talk to your partner about how you feel. If they are made known that work is the root of your quarrels, they will reach out and help you. This will turn your home into a safe haven where stress is not allowed in because you have the understanding of the people who care for you.

The legal aspect

You probably already know a thing or two about legally binding contracts, as you have probably drafted a prenuptial agreement. However, in marriage you will both want to have one lawyer or firm to cater to all your mutual individual legal issues. This way neither of you will have to bother about those details and have one worry less, effectively reducing the stress level in the home. In Australia, for instance, families usually chose their mutual lawyer even before getting married. Experienced family solicitors can help your marriage in the most challenging of times by mediating a dispute. Hopefully, you will never reach this stage, but it is always better to be prepared, which is something any entrepreneur knows well.

Passion for marriage

Being educated and passionate about your business could be that one factor that will make or sink your entrepreneurship career. In many cases, your partner will be attracted to you precisely because of that determined look in your eyes. However, marital life requires, if not the same, then even a higher level of dedication. You need to rise to the challenge of being successful in both the marriage and business. This is hard for many, but the benefits are without exception greater than the effort involved. Learn to balance between the two and keep the flame alive in both aspects of your life.

Partner’s different background

If both spouses are entrepreneurs then things will be somewhat easier since you will have an understanding for each other’s careers. If only one partner is in entrepreneurial waters, then more effort will be needed to preserve the marriage. The key to a harmonic relationship is mutual understanding. Your spouse has to know exactly what you do and how it reflects on the marriage. Even more important is for you to understand their job and be supportive. Only if you work together can you overcome the gap different professional backgrounds create in any marriage.

Getting married is the biggest investment you are likely to make during your lifetime. Like every business you have undertaken by now it requires passion and dedication to succeed. If you assume this stance early on, you are bound to experience marital bliss, all the while staying dedicated to your entrepreneurial lifestyle choice.


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Leila Dorari is a freelance writer, self-development ambassador and an avid dog lover. She believes all people are born equal but only those dedicated and brave enough to work on themselves reach their full potential and, ultimately, manage to change the world.

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