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#MillennialTalk Recap: “The 5 C’s of Connection”

– CONNECTION – What does this word mean to you?

For some, it means collaborating with people and for others, it means having a sense of community. But, when you pull back the curtain and evaluate what it means to create authentic connections, you find that there are many different layers and elements at play.

In a World that is so hyper-connected, why do many of us feel so alone or struggle to spark new relationships?

This week’s #MillennialTalk guest, Bobby Umar, helps us break down the deeper meaning of connection inspired by his most popular TED Talks, “The 5 C’s of Connection.”

Bobby encouraged us to take a look at how people are creating meaningful connections, the challenges when trying to build connections, the power of a community, and so much more!

Scroll down for a recap of this weeks Q&A:
@ChelseaKrost: To me, “Connection” in the digital world means networking with like minded people. I want to engage with others who are interested in the same social issues, beliefs, and values. Connecting online can lead to so much more offline!
@raehanbobby: Connection in the digital world is the same as in real life. It is about creating emotional resonance between two people (or more).


@raehanbobby: Mine is of course Caring + Communication = Connection, which leads to Community and then Change. That’s the 5 C’s of connection and why it matters to me.
@i_mtza: (1) Conversation (2) Confidence (3) Communication (4) Content (5) Creativity
@TheKyleSBaxter: Calm, Cool, Collected, Compassion & Creative


@ChelseaKrost: Use social media as a way to spark online conversation with others! Make posts that are thought provoking, ask a question and allow others to add their input. Creating meaningful conversation can lead to building new relationships online.
@raehanbobby: As stated in my 1st of five TEDxtalks, a great way to create deep connection is to share vulnerability. Even the research from @Brenebrown demonstrated this. 
@k_mowrey: Online: actually follow them and learn about them and their business. Offline: put your phone down. Have a face to face conversation. Get to know the person. Ask open ended questions!


@ChelseaKrost: People these days tend to hide behind technology and use it as a mask to the outside world. Think about it- when you walk into your local coffee shop everyone is on their phones. There is no way to connect when everyone is staring at a screen!
@raehanbobby: The biggest challenge for creating authentic connection is that too many people are all about selling, selling, selling. Another challenge for connection is that people try too hard to be someone that they are not. Authenticity shines through, but fakeness creates blurry brands.
@TheOriginalBPC: Impostor syndrome. I know sometimes I’ll be hesitant about making a connection with others bc I feel like I’m an impostor and don’t want to disappoint the other person.


@ChelseaKrost: As a business coach and mentor, communication is key. I truly care about my clients success and have a vested interest in their growth and journey. I make an effort to not just pop my clients an email to check in, instead I pick up the phone and call. Little things like this make a big difference in building lasting connections. Whenever an email chain becomes ridiculous – JUST PICK UP THE PHONE!
@raehanbobbyCaring brings the heart out. Communication allows the heart to start hugging people who want it.
@BlueHenRachelSo important that when developing a connection, start by asking how THEY are, ask them to tell you about themselves. People will be more likely to connect when you show them compassion and interest


@ChelseaKrost: My biggest frustration: back and forth emails. The dreaded never ending email chain sends shivers up my spine. Having a face to face meeting, or even a @skype or @zoom_us session help me and my clients to connect on a deeper level and we get SO much more accomplished in a shorter time span.
@raehanbobby: My BIGGEST frustration in business communications is NOT RESPONDING. It doesn’t matter who you are or what level you are at. All of our time is equal in value. Not responding to personal messages (i.e. not spam) is simply rude.
@desimslaughter: My biggest frustration when it comes to communicating in business is unruly communication. Meaning trying to pull in all of the calls, texts, emails, etc. that you have going on to one place to keep them organized (client management) without an app.
@RScheeseExpectations – Lencioni uses the phrase “Over communicate clarity” in “The Advantage”. Important communications need multiple channels, methods and consistent repetition. Often I forget these simple things and “believe” I have communicated.


@ChelseaKrost: The power of community is a group of people coming together who have similar interests and share a common goal! I have used social media to build my community of Millennial Hustlers , entrepreneurs, and go-getters. We all work every day to build our dream life and motivate and inspire each other to take our business to the next level. We use Twitter Chats like #millennialtalk to get together once a week to share tips, helpful information, industry news and discuss new trends! Twitter Chats have been one of my favorite ways to meet new people and form new connections. 🙂
@raehanbobbyBuilding community takes work. But start with creating compelling value-add content, be responsive to engage with others, and then show consistency with the first two. The tribe will follow.
@SailorsBen: Community is a powerful thing. A community can echo your message even when you’re not around. They can spread the word. They can inspire and suggest new ideas. They can be self perpetuating and expanding.


@ChelseaKrost:  TED talks allow you to discuss your experience and show your expertise. They are a great way to build your exposure! I have been wanting to do a @TED talk for a while (it is on my bucket list!) I would love to talk about “How to Turn Passion to Profit” or  “The Power of Personal Branding” or “Why Your Breakdown Is a Breakthrough.”
@raehanbobbyDoing #TEDTalks gives a voice to every person out there who has a story, a purpose, an idea or more. I have done 5 #TED talks but my next one is about Values and how we have a gap with our parents.
@IanGertler#TEDtalks allow people to share and gain perspectives and insight … as well as making them relatable and approachable. I’ve been considering a few topics the past few months. How about the rest of the #MillennialTalk community?



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