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Winter Fashion Trends

When I was younger, I was always the one out of my group of friends that would be the first to jump on a fashion trend. While I still love to read magazines and pay close attention to trends in the fashion industry, my personal style has definitely changed and become narrower. I am sure many millennials would be able to relate. Since we are getting ready to enter the workforce, if not already in it, now is the time to start building a professional wardrobe. Many investment pieces that can be used for years to come can also be on trend and work in fun environments, such as now around the holiday season.

Having neutral, quality pieces in your wardrobe provide the building blocks for many other outfits. Classic accessories such as a coat in a rich camel color, a leather tote, and nude pumps can easily be used as foundation pieces for many outfits, at work or outside or work.

A black or navy blazer is a must for every wardrobe, as it can be used in so many ways. Around the holidays, it can be paired with a cocktail dress to give your festive look a little bit more polish.

Another staple item is the plain white oxford shirt. In a professional wardrobe, it can be worn under a pant or skirted suit, in business casual outfits, and paired with endless skirt and trouser options. Use it this time of year to make glittering sequins a little more casual.

Want another way to style sequins? Pair with a luxurious cashmere skirt, another must-have investment piece.

While some of these professional basics may have a higher price tag than most recent grads are used to paying, they are pieces that you will have for years and years to come. Making the investment now will provide you with pieces that transition seamlessly from work to play. A black shift dress worn to work under a blazer can transition to a holiday party by simply subtracting the coat and adding a statement necklace and red lipstick. The endless possibilities are proof that the professional millennial can also be on trend and in style!



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