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Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

Why your business needs its own mobile app

Your mobile phone surely contains at least several apps created by particular businesses, which you use when you want to check out their offer, receive information about their latest products or order products or services. It is with the same likelihood that we can claim that a great majority of business owners have thought, at least once, about having a mobile app for their business. Unfortunately, not many of them have actually taken the next step and had an app created. Why is that? Perhaps they thought the investment would be too high or that their business didn’t really need its app, because the revenue was satisfactory. Whatever the reason, all of them have missed out on the opportunity to increase their sales volume. How come?

Being present at all times

The number of mobile device users has been steadily and rapidly increasing over the years. In developed countries, almost everyone has a phone or tablet, which they use on a daily basis. For several years now, mobile and smart devices have been the preferred way of accessing the Internet, replacing desktop and laptop computers. This, in turn, has helped the market for mobile apps grow, which is why developing a mobile app for business can offer valuable marketing opportunities.

Improved communication

One of the main contributions of technology to business is the fact that communication between companies and their clients is faster and easier than ever. Every business should strive to improve direct communication with its clients and a mobile app facilitates such communication. What it also does is gather information from customers regarding their shopping behavior and preferences, which allows businesses to create their buyer personas.

Stimulated engagement

As clients like to be heard and have an easy form of communication, having a mobile app for your business is your way of showing you understand their needs. You need to expect that your clients would both order your products or services, as well as complain and ask for additional information about your offer. This is done through an app with an unmatched ease, which means you can expect much more engagement on behalf of your clients.

Increased brand awareness

You need to see a mobile app as an extension of your brand, i.e. an opportunity for you to both remain true to branding and be able to explore how it can be presented on a completely different digital platform. An app is also a new advertising platform for your business, which is likely to get more exposure and awareness. Developing an app for your business gives you a chance to reach new audiences and a new demographic of customers, as well. If created well, using hybrid app development for example, your app will make the best of both native app development and website development elements.

Great marketing channel

A mobile app allows you to send notifications and information to clients in an instant, with a great chance of them being seen almost at the same time. This is particularly useful if the information is relevant to them and, for example, containing information regarding exclusive deals and offers. If your clients see that they can benefit from using your app, they’ll become even more loyal to your brand.

Loyalty program

Speaking of loyalty, it’s vital that your company has a loyalty program. A digitalized loyalty scheme via a mobile app is an effective way of building and creating a community of clients. When you start awarding them for their spending, you actually make them much more likely to come back and we all know that it’s much easier and cheaper to retain a customer than attract a new one.


If your business has a mobile app, it might give you a competitive advantage over your rivals on the market. While apps have been around for a while now, they still haven’t taken off across the entire board, which means you might get the edge over your competition.

Providing a truly mobile experience

Basically, if your client has downloaded your app, they can get in touch without you from any place at any time. With people becoming increasingly accustomed to being able to establish a contact instantly and regardless of their location, they would be disappointed if they couldn’t reach your company. This, in turn, would lead to their dissatisfaction and they would be less likely to opt for your offer.

These are just some of the main reasons why you should create a mobile app for your business. As you can see, it can provide many benefits, some of which are so powerful that they might provide that competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Having a well-designed app is a relatively small investment in comparison to potential benefits and that is something every business owner and manager needs to consider. Finally, you need to understand that even if you’re satisfied with your current business results, it doesn’t mean that you’ll manage to stay successful in the future, especially since technology will not stop developing and your competitors will, sooner or later, jump the bandwagon.


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