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5 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Creative Soul

5 ways to make money from home

So many people develop their careers without any regard for their passions and talents. Today, however, in the midst of this health crisis, so many people have had to shift gears in order to work from home. On the other hand, many have always felt that a career change is only a matter of the right timing, and now’s the perfect moment to sail your way into a new, creative career.

Now that you’ve decided to turn your passion into a career and start your very own creative business, you might be facing another conundrum: how on Earth do you pick the perfect option for yourself? Most creative souls like to dabble in various arts and skills, so it’s only natural to want to try different things until you discover what the most lucrative and fulfilling option is. Here are a few imaginative, yet profitable options to consider.

With so many stock photo sites out there, brands that need original images, and events that need visuals to appeal to as many people as possible, your skills as a photographer will never be redundant. Provided, of course, that you’re good at what you do and that you have a distinct way of committing to your skill.

Now, in some scenarios, this work does entail leaving the comfort of your home for a while, be it for a shoot, or to simply look for inspiration everywhere around you whenever it suits you best, to sell those photos to stock sites. Then again, there’s a fair amount of work to be done with editing and improving your photos afterward, so it does qualify as a creative career path for home-based work.

Graphic Design

graphic design

Every brand strategy requires several crucial ingredients, one of them being a visual identity. That includes a logo, a good font, and plenty of accompanying imagery to support the brand’s story. If you’re well-versed in digital design tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, then you make a good candidate for a graphic designer.

Working with businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies of all shapes and sizes gives you plenty of freedom to define your schedule as well as your design expertise. Many designers opt for a niche, so that they can minimize competition while making sure they regularly perfect their abilities.

Drawing and Painting

drawing and painting

Portraits, caricatures, pet portraits, you name it, the world has gone berserk for artsy images that portray them in a new and unique way. Some want those in digital form, but many love to have them printed and created on canvas, both to give as gifts and to hang in their own homes.

Make sure you’re getting your materials and painting kits from trusted art suppliers to always have enough quality material at hand for every project. Equip yourself with ample colors and versatile essentials to expand your creative repertoire and to be able to produce custom works of art for your audience.

Hand-Made Jewelry

handmade jewelry

The beauty of working remotely is that you can have your very own creative process and produce only as much as your creative powers allow. If you like that kind of creative freedom and you even like working together with your buyers to customize their products, then making jewelry could be a great source of income for you.

Hand-made accessories with a unique, artistic touch help bring out your own authentic expression while at the same time adapting your products to the customer. Make sure to find your own niche and to have a supplier of quality materials to be competitive.

Creative Writing

creative writing

People who have spent years studying literature and reading book after book know the value of the written word. Today, you can be sure that businesses value your ability to write well – and they pay good money to individuals who can give their brand an authentic voice. No matter if you prefer to write your own blog and work on the basis of affiliate relationships, or you turn your website into a dedicated writing business, the world needs you.

You can kick-start your own blog to post pieces about products and brands you’ve tried and link back to their pages for a fee. Then again, you can collaborate with businesses to define their voice and help them position their business better. Writing is a lucrative, yet endlessly creative way to earn a living from the comfort of your home, and you can always upgrade your skills and learn new methods to be a better writer.

It seems that the world is in dire need of more authentic, genuine beauty and creators who are able to express themselves in the most unbridled ways possible. More people find unique creations and rare finds more relevant than trendy store-bought items, and the more personality you give your creations, the more people will appreciate them.

With that in mind, no matter the creative medium you choose, you’ll be able to slowly build up your audience and set the stage for a career based on passion and talent.



Sophia Smith is a lifestyle and social media blogger, and graphic and UX designer. She is an aesthete and photography lover by heart who absolutely loves everything that includes visual communication. Lately, Sophia  writes about digital marketing topics, from content to social. She has contributed to a number of publications including Women Love Tech, Leader Maker, Legal Reader, BizCover, Businessing Mag, Ruby Connection, Monterey Premier, Pix Teller and many others. You can find out more about her writing by following her on Twitter.




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