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Why You Should Never Settle in Your Career

Career choices for millennials

As Millennials, we choose our jobs or career paths for numerous reasons.

Maybe you landed your dream job right out of college. It could be you took the first job offer you received to solely to pay back your student loans. On the other hand, maybe you’re just following the dreams of someone else (like your parents, for example). For whatever reason you accepted the job, it’s important you didn’t settle.

See, there’s a difference between “getting settled into your career” after college and “settling for a career.” As a Millennial, you need to recognize your self-worth to prevent yourself from settling for a career that’s less than you deserve. You have so much to offer as a young professional and you must accomplish the goals you want to achieve. Regardless of what obstacles you’ll encounter, you can’t allow them to roadblock you from success.

You can’t be afraid of your dreams.

We find ourselves settling into a job we find mediocre or a career we don’t enjoy because it’s convenient. However, what’s really keeping us from fulfilling our career needs is being frightened by our dreams.

Chasing after your dreams can be intimidating and even terrifying, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to have a rewarding career. Chances are if you begin to go after what you truly want in your career, you’re going to surprise yourself with new opportunities and how amazing you can actually be.

Don’t sacrifice your happiness.

People quit their jobs on a daily basis because they lack the motivation to go to work and don’t love what they do. While it can be difficult to find a job you’re in love with, it’s important to continue searching for jobs that meets your needs.

It’s also important to remember that you’re the only person who’s in charge of your career. If you aren’t happy, then you need to ask yourself what’s causing your dissatisfaction and evaluate some solutions. At times, a simple change of outlook upon your job can change they way you view it. However, more often than not, people discover they have to find a new job in order to find happiness in their career once again.

Need a solution? Create realistic goals.

If we can all start creating realistic career goals, then maybe we can stop settling for less than we deserve. When you have a dream that’s seems too big to conquer, you need to ask yourself how you can break down the bigger picture into manageable goals.

Any dream can be accomplished if you know the right steps to take to get there. It may take you a year or even five years to accomplish your dreams, but if you carefully plan the steps you need to take to reach the bigger picture, you’ll be on your way to accomplishing some of your biggest dreams.

The bottom line is, you need to ask yourself what you’re going to do to achieve what you want out of your career. You’re in complete control of your career path and the opportunities you encounter. Don’t allow a comfy desk job or a big, scary dream steer you down a complacent career path. It’s up to you to pursue what you love and to make a career out of it.

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