netflix can't buy you love

Why Netflix Can't Be Your Boyfriend

Netflix and millennials

Valentines day. It’s just around the corner. The day I wear all black and become what the scrooge is on Christmas but just on Valentine’s Day. It’s where girls get flowers, chocolates and those obnoxiously overstuffed bears that I personally just want to punch in the face. What girls are turning to these days is Netflix. “Netflix is my boyfriend.” “In a relationship with Netflix #Lol #ButReally” I’ve had enough. I’m throwing up that emoji with the girl who has her arms in an X.

Here are some reasons why your boyfriend can’t be Netflix and why you’re so much more:

It’s really not worth that $8.99 a month.
Think of all the better things you can spend that nine dollars on every single month. As in better things you can go out with your girlfriends or buy a really delicious cupcake. Time with your friends is better than just spending it in your bed watching repeats of Gossip Girl. You can only watch so many documentaries about food before you want someone to take you out to eat.

Cuddling with a computer is dangerous.
A boyfriend has standards and requirements. Reason #2 why you can’t be in a relationship with Netflix is that you can’t even physically cuddle with it. Yes, your laptop might burn the top of your legs and that’s about as close to cuddling as you’re going to get.

– It’s predictable.
Pre-scripted. That’s all I have to say. You pretty much know what’s coming next and it’s not like Netflix is going to show up at your front door, unexpected, ready to take you out on the date of your life. Plus, all the shows that they post have already had their glory days and it’s impossible to relive them with those same strong emotions.

Last but not least, you can’t buy love.
It’s true, you just can’t. Another thing you can’t buy is time. Watching Netflix is just a big waste of your time that you will never get back. Yes, everyone does need their days off where they lounge around but you can’t do that every night. TV Shows, documentaries and movies will always be there on Netflix but the real world will not wait for you, it’s in constant motion. When you watch Netflix you don’t get anything done except maybe bonding with a fictional character. In conclusion, the main reason why Netflix can’t be your boyfriend is because it’s stopping you from actually finding one. Go on, get out there and live your life.

About Marissa Olson

Marissa Olson is a sophomore public relations student studying at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. She is an account coordinator at Cardinal Communications, a student run creative communications agency, where she has worked with reputable clients. Her accomplishments besides her PR work, are being a Starbucks gold card member, constantly having a positive outlook and making friends wherever she goes. Olson loves to network and freelances.

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4 thoughts on “Why Netflix Can't Be Your Boyfriend

  1. Haley says:

    You can have a boyfriend and still have Netflix. It’s worth the $8.99 a month.

  2. Samantha Loza says:

    First off, Netflix is SO WORTH that $8.99. I get endless shows and movies that I can watch whenever I want, not to mention they recently added Dexter! Two, no one actually means they are in a relationship with Netflix. No one is actually in a relationship with Netflix, they know that it is not replacing an actual boyfriend. Three, I don’t know about you, but I don’t use Netflix as a place to spend time with instead of my friends. I use Netflix for that extra hour I have before bed on a school night when I get my work done early (I can’t do anything with friends in that hour). I use it for that day when I really just need to take a day off and spend time with ME.
    Plus, I do get something from Netflix. I get exposure to brilliant writing and fascinating characters. I like bonding with fictional characters. I find fictional worlds fascinating. I don’t watch TV to watch silly reality TV, I watch it to watch stories.
    Most people know they can’t buy love. That’s not why we use Netflix.
    Furthermore, I am in a relationship, so I don’t actually say I’m in a relationship, but I find it rather insulting that you are telling me I am wasting my time when I take a break to watch television.

  3. Tamara says:

    Of course Netflix can’t be my damn boyfriend! @channingtatum would get jealous!

  4. I have a boyfriend but he’s overseas this vday so I will be enjoying the new season of House of Cards this Valentine’s day streamed through netflix of course! $8.99 is a bargain!

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