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Top 3 Characteristics Distinguishing Millennials


We all know what they look like: That 20-something huddled over their third cup of coffee, typing furiously on their MacBook, while simultaneously updating their twitter account via smart phone.

They live a mile a minute lifestyle making anyone watching dizzy.

Growing up in a society where technology grows faster than people, it takes a special type of person to keep up.

That type of person is the Millennial.

Millennials have that familiarity with the digital age that makes them hot commodities in today’s economy. To elaborate, here are three characteristics that specifically distinguish a Millennial.

Technologically savvy

Whether it’s our IPhones or our laptops, Millennials are constantly absorbed in the latest technologies and software.

These include smart phones, Microsoft Office, social media outlets and so on. Usually, we use them for our own personal pleasure or college work.

Without even realizing it, however, Millennials are growing more efficient in companies’ everyday technologies, making them a valuable necessity to have in the workplace.

For instance, my social media skills helped land me a PR internship with the Miss Universe Organization last spring. I wouldn’t have grown adept in social media without first starting personal accounts of my own. Later, I enhanced those skills in my college classes and organizations such as ImPRessions, our student-run PR firm at Ohio University.

Millennials know how to maneuver these technologies comfortably and effectively; that’s why employers trust Millennials with more responsibilities. We’re a tech-savvy generation quickly learning how to paddle upstream in the digital age.


With the ever-growing technology era sweeping the globe, it’s been a norm for Millennials to grow accustomed to change.

Because of this, Millennials are modern day chameleons exceptionally capable of adjusting to new environments and situations.

We all grew up glued to our Gameboys or Nintendo’s. Always craving the newest toy. Ironically, this gave Millennials the upper hand because learning how to successfully adapt to technology has been instilled within our nature since we were only kids.

Today, Microsoft programs, Word Press, LinkedIn – you name it, a college student is not only using these technologies, but also efficiently learning them with greater ease compared to older generations.

(Who knew playing video games as kids would benefit Millennials today!?)


Nowadays, forgetting your phone when leaving the house is comparable to forgetting to wear your pants to work. It’s just unheard of. You may wonder why, but really, it’s a simple concept.

Millennials have grown up in this ADD society where having one medium of technology is never enough. We always need to feel connected since we’ve been bombarded with media and technology since our brains were first developing. It’s what we’re accustomed to.

That’s why texting a friend, while surfing the web, on top of watching Netflix, is normal for our generation. Millennials have been taught how to live in a fast paced world. Even more so, they’ve been taught how to live in it without their heads exploding.

Juggling a number of tasks helps Millennials thrive. The pressure of multitasking puts a surprisingly calm, intent focus on completing everything on the to-do list.

Because Millennials can operate so many mediums of technology, it gives us the competitive advantage of finishing more work in a shorter amount of time.

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