Why Celebrities Get Free Shit


Contrary to common belief, celebrities don’t receive things for free because life gets easy once you become famous.

They receive things for free because life is easy when you are dwelling in a state of abundance.

A celebrity, for example, tends to believe that they have plenty, which puts them in a state of abundance, which attracts all kinds of goodies to them.

Notice I didn’t say “they have plenty,” I said “they believe they they have plenty.”

Having plenty is a state of mind, not a circumstance.

The truth is, you have plenty right now. You have plenty of money to pay your cell phone bill, for example, or plenty of family members to fill your home, or plenty of opportunities to work many different freelance jobs.

From excessive talks about “the 1%” and watching people lose their homes and jobs in the recession, our generation has adopted a belief that there is not enough for everyone. When a mind sees “not enough” instead of “plenty,” that mind directs the physical world to create an experience of having “not enough.”

The truth is, there is plenty for everyone. Our beliefs, both individually and collectively, create the experience that we live out every day. So, if you want to live a life, and in a world, that has plenty, then you must be willing to see where there is plenty in both your own life and in the world.

Everybody has plenty of something.

For many celebrities, their minds are fixed on the existence of plenty in their lives. Because of this, they dwell in a state of abundance, which tends to bring all kinds of goodies right to them on a regular basis.

The awesome thing about dwelling in abundance is that you often attract exactly what you want without having to pay for it. So….

Where in your life do you have plenty?

It might be plenty of love from your husband, or plenty of food in your fridge, or plenty of cash in your mutual fund, or plenty of rocks in your driveway.

To see any abundance is to see all abundance.

Bring your mind’s eye to where there is plenty in your life, and you will dwell in a state of abundance today (and attract all kinds of goodies to you).

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