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What Millennial Job Seeker Should Look For in a Potential Employer

For millennials who have had more than a handful of jobs, they know there are companies that have a toxic environment. Some environments are so oppressive and stagnant that, whether you enjoy the type of work or not, you just hate being at work every day.

Perhaps you are still at one of these types of jobs, and are looking to find somewhere that you can enjoy going to every day. For those on the job search for the first time, that is the ideal working situation. While there are many things you need to do to help you pick the right employer, there is one specific aspect you should look at extra closely when researching for your next job search: company culture.

The culture of a company can be what makes or breaks a working experience. Working in your chosen field can be tarnished by bad company culture. Working outside your chosen field can be made more pleasant if there is a good culture. There are several factors that go into a good and healthy environment in the workplace, such as creativity, wellness, and keeping up with technology.


Whether you feel you are creative or not, everyone benefits from a little creativity. Businesses that are trying to foster a good company culture recognize that and are doing their best to provide ways to keep the mind creatively active. If the work doesn’t allow for creative projects, some companies have found ways to allow to for creative thought, such as putting games and other fun activities in the break room for employees to use during their breaks.

Doing this allows for a fun and engaging break from work tasks that can become monotonous. It is also a common trend in companies to have open floor plans that allow people to collaborate freely, allowing creative energy to flow throughout the floor. Of course, for people who prefer peace and quiet, these companies also provide quiet rooms for a less distracting environment.


Many jobs, especially office jobs, are very inactive and sedentary. With all of the evidence that inactivity is detrimental to your health and wellness, you want to work for a company who recognises that and does their best to offer wellness amenities. Many companies these days are offering paid gym memberships, or even creating an on-campus gym for their employees to use.

Some companies are stepping up and creating committees that focus on finding ways to integrate health and wellness into the workplace, both physical and mental. One way companies are addressing mental wellness is making sure that employees are satisfied with their work-life balance by offering more flexible schedules. With jobs that are done mostly on the computer, people can easily work from outside the office, and offering a set number of flex time and remote working hours is a great way that companies are ensuring a good work-life balance for their employees.


It may seem like more ‘work function’ than ‘work culture,’ but companies that keep up with and update their technology are companies that care that their employees can work with ease. Nothing can ruin productivity and mood faster than outdated technology (if you have ever encountered the ill-fated blue screen of death, you would agree). Outdated tech is not just frustrating, though, it can also cause a substantial financial loss. Data loss and time/money spent fixing old technology can potentially cost a company more in losses and work time than updating would.

Technology has completely changed the way we do business, so having current technology is essential for a company to stay current and competitive, and keep itself from becoming irrelevant and out of business. This is always good for employee satisfaction because job security means employees who aren’t stressed about having to find a new job at the drop of a hat.

Finding out about a company’s culture before applying is essential for finding a job that best suits your working style and personal needs. The director of career services at Pepperdine University, Jessica Cheng, gives some important advice for all job seekers “to do their research, to know their mission, their vision, what is it that they actually do and how they’ll be able to fit in and fit in that context.” If you do that, you are sure to find a great working situation with a company that promotes a positive culture.



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