travel to soothe your soul

Traveling to Soothe the Millennial Soul

The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on many millennials’ ability to travel. However, that shouldn’t stop this young and energetic generation from making travel plans for the future.

On the contrary, once the virus is brought under control and transportation options open up again, millennials should take advantage of the change to get out and see the world. Why? Because traveling is one of the best ways to soothe a troubled soul.

The Inspiring Benefits of Traveling

The millennial generation has gone through a lot. That isn’t a complaint or a cop-out. It simply is. They have now experienced two major economic crises. They weathered an incredibly turbulent presidency. They even had to establish careers in a market that was being actively invaded by tech on a never-seen-before level.

Suffice it to say that millennials have gone through their fair share of troubles. This is why traveling should remain on every millennial’s radar. There are many ways that traveling can be beneficial, particularly when it comes to soothing the soul. For instance, travel can help you:

  • Foster a growth mindset: It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or leisure. The logistics and experiences that come with travel make it an ideal way to cultivate a flexible and adaptive mindset that is always ready to learn.
  • Learn about different cultures: The simple act of visiting different places and seeing how others live can be very enlightening. It can also serve as a reminder that cultural pressures and norms aren’t the end-all of life.
  • Remain willing to try new things: When you’re traveling, it provides ample opportunities to try things outside of your comfort zone. This can be tasting exciting new cuisine, metal detecting on the beach, and everything in between.
  • Keep perspective: At the end of the day, travel can be a wonderful panacea for any mental health concerns. Stress, anxiety, and depression can all melt away as you step back and gain perspective through seeing the larger world around you.

From mindfulness to getting out of your comfort zone, there are many ways that travel calms ruffled thoughts and relaxes an anxious mind.

Traveling as a Millennial

If you’re a millennial who is itching to travel, don’t wait until the pandemic ends to start making plans. On the contrary, start charting the route of your next trip right now. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you do so:

  • Try to go in a group: Whether you’re going as a couple, with kids, or even in an adventure group, always try to travel with others. This isn’t just safer. It can also add a fun social synergy to your trip.
  • Start locally: If you find that the current economic crisis is holding you back from backpacking Europe or visiting New Zealand, that’s okay. Start closer to home. Don’t forget, millions of people regularly visit areas in your own home nation as well. Look for the affordable travel options hiding right in your own backyard.
  • Consider a career shift: If you’re seriously interested in traveling, the pandemic may have created a perfect opportunity to pivot your career to an international one. There are plenty of experiences that you can find even when you’re traveling for work.

Logistics and funding are obvious priorities when making travel plans. Nevertheless, who, where, and how you travel are also important to keep in consideration as you sort things out.

Moving to Soothe Your Soul

If you’re a millennial, don’t get stuck in the rut of thinking you’ve been dealt a bad hand. Sure, you’ve had your troubles, but that doesn’t mean you have to sulk and slide into playing the victim.

Instead, look for ways to rise above your circumstances and find new heart in the midst of sorrow and struggle. Traveling is one of those options. So consider what kind of trip you want to start with, and then begin making hopeful plans for the future right here, right now.


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