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Top 5 Female Millennial Entrepreneur Fears and How to Manage Them

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Top 5 Female Entrepreneur Fears


So you’re thinking of starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur and you’re scared out of your eye sockets! Does it mean that you’re not ready or doing the wrong thing? No. It means you’re pushing yourself, growing, and it’s all good.

While traveling for the F SHOW World Tour, it became apparent that fears are a big deal for female millennial entrepreneurs.  To ease your mind, here are 5 top female millennial entrepreneur fears and how to manage them from some of the F SHOW Women:

1. Uncertainty – “With entrepreneurship, your destiny is in your own hands every day. There is no clear path to your end goal. Your every decision, email, client, press release, all affect how your business will grow and develop.” (Maggie Lau)

2. Failure – “Because of all of the uncertainty, there is a lot of room for failure. Although not easy for anyone to swallow, I think women have a harder time with it because they’re already seen as the ‘underdogs’.” (Maggie Lau)

“Am I wasting my time because of my so calleddream/stubbornness?” (Gaby Shin)

“What if I end up worse off than friends who just stick with boring 9-to-5 jobs?” (Gabby Wallace)

3. Relationships – “What IF I stay single forever?” (Gaby Shin)

“Why can’t I find a boyfriend who understands my entrepreneur / traveler lifestyle?” (Gabby Wallace)

4. Missing out – “Am I missing out on things with family and friends by focusing my efforts on entrepreneurship?” (Anita Chan)

5. Self-confidence – “What if I’m not good enough and/or don’t succeed?” (Gabby Wallace)

How to Manage the fears

As Sri Lankan Female Millennial Entrepreneur Rayhan Iyne states: “Fear is a natural feeling to have. The fear of failure or fear of the unknown is the first hurdle you need to get past to take that journey as an entrepreneur. You need to have an attitude to just do it.”

As South Korea Female Millennial Entrepreneur Gaby Shin states: “Stop asking these questions, because negative prediction won’t do any good. I try to stay positive by meeting supporters (a.k.a. good friends), other entrepreneurs, and reading books about people who made their dreams come true (important: not rich people, but people who live their dream). Also I keep reminding myself why I started this, why I took this path. Then the only answer I get is: I love being myself. I prefer a million times to be who I am than be someone else or compromise with things I don’t deserve or want. So, there’s not much to do other than to keep rocking.”

As Hong Kong Female Millennial Entrepreneur Maggie Lau states: “At the end of the day though, successful entrepreneurs will thrive in these conditions and turn these fears into one of their driving forces because only in fear and uncertainty will you challenge yourself and grow.”

As Hong Kong Female Millennial Entrepreneur Anita Chan states: “A lot of this is about mindset, and whether it is for female millennial future entrepreneurs or not, the entrepreneurship journey is a lot about assessing whether you think the risk/rewards of entrepreneurship are worth it to you at this moment in time. Know that women have just as much right to pursue their dreams and entrepreneurial vision as men do.”

Finally, remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear; courage means having fear but still doing what you believe is the right thing for you to do.

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  1. Yes, I’ve seen so many females pretending to be someone else, even pretending to be a man, and this is just not right. It feels false. We should be ourselves and then we’ll shine:)

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