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Top 3 Ways to Incorporate Your Summer Style Into your Winter Wardrobe

turning summer wardrobe into winter

turning summer wardrobe into winter

When it comes to building your wardrobe the smart thing to do is to shop for each season with good budgeting in mind and by thinking ahead. But sometimes, the seasons fly by and before you know it summer seems to immediately turn into winter, jumping right over spring! And often, many of us don’t have big budgets to load up on must-haves when the chill hits the air. “Hmmm…that gorgeous BCBG leather jacket or pay my rent in full?”

Born, raised, and residing in Southern California, I am all-too familiar with how fussy the weather can be. One day, all you need is a long sleeve blouse and the very next day, the raindrops prove that you’d be a fool to leave the house without your scarf and pea coat. But what do you do if your wardrobe still consists of 50 percent summer trends during the winter? The answer: Get creative. Here are my top 3 ways to incorporate your sunny season digs into your winter wardrobe:

(1) Tanks under sweaters: Keeping warm is always the goal during winter. But, also, tanks under sweaters can also allow you to play with color. For instance, should you have a teal, cowl-neck sweater that shows off your collar bones, a bright pink tank top could add some great color because it will peek out towards the top. If you have a black knit sweater with see-through holes, a tank top will stave you from the chill, keep it office-appropriate, and give you the chance to bring out your leopard-print tank for a fun combo.

(2) Tights with shorts: With so many fun patterns, textures, and colors to play with when it comes to tights, why not show them off with your incredible denim shorts? Throw on a pair of boots, a sporty jacket, and a cute beanie – voila! The denim shorts you thought you had to hide in the back of your closet ‘til the sun came back out can make its appearance once again!

(3) Leggings under summer dresses: If your floral, A-line summer dress looks lonely in your closet, keep it company! With a simple pair of leggings, stilettos, and a nice, thick cardigan, that dress can still come forth as a great piece to flaunt in the winter. Whether it’s a bright or subtle floral print, offsetting it with neutral pieces – black, gray, cream, navy – the focus is still on the dress. It can still be the centerpiece of the outfit!

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