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Top 3 Simple Tips To NOT Bust Through Your Favorite Fashion Pieces During the Holiday Season

How to not bust through your clothes during the holidays

Top 3 tips to not bust through your clothes during the holidays

Ohhh…how the holiday season brings us much joy. From reuniting with loved ones to volunteering at a local charity, this season no doubt gives us a sense of rejuvenation and a time to reflect on what’s going great, what’s not, and what could use improving (especially as you start making your New Year’ resolutions).

But here’s where the tricky part comes in: enjoying yummy treats while still wearing what you love.

I personally love the pineapple cheesecake and brownies my mom makes for Chanukah, and it gives me pleasure to bake cookies for my boyfriend during Christmas (and, ahem, eating the cookie dough at the same time).  And like most people, I am definitely guilty of over-consuming, while telling myself, “I’ll just cut back after the holidays.” But the thing is, that’s never fun. The pressure that comes from that can sometimes cause you to turn to all those leftover sweets a few too many times!  So, through trial and error, I’ve figured out how to enjoy the holidays while still fitting into my favorite leggings, blouses, and sweaters:

#1: Work out while you watch TV: Of course, lounging and relaxing in front of the fireplace as you watch the latest Housewives of Atlanta is often in order. But, so is taking that hour of Reality TV to do squats, sit-ups, and leg lifts. Moving around and just getting your blood moving not only will energize you, but you’re still able to watch your show! I suggest making sure you drink 3-4 cups during this workout as well. That way, whether you ate before the show or decide to eat afterwards – you’re flushing out some of the toxins and keeping yourself full.

#2: Wear some of your tightest items to run errands: Might sound silly, but if you make it a point to put on some of your tightest pants while shopping at the grocery store (sure, go ahead and wear a long sweater if you don’t want to let it all hang out), then in some mystical way, you may find yourself reaching more for the fruit and veggies versus the baking goods and carbs.  Think to yourself: “I want to look this hot always!” Remember, the less you load up on stuff you don’t need – even though easily justifiable during the holidays – the more you are to focus on the good stuff to eat.

#3: Get rid of your over-sized “fat clothing”: You know what I’m talking about – the items of clothing you feel you can turn to when you’re having an off week, off month, or off year! But if you donate, sell, or give away some of these pieces around this time, it’s likely you’ll be stuck dealing with what fits you now. Of course, you can totally go shopping and take advantage of all of the holidays specials at the mall, but do you really want to spend extra money on bigger clothes because you couldn’t control yourself?

Follow these easy tips and your New Year’s resolution may not feel so outrageous. ‘Cause after all…you didn’t bust out of your clothes during the holidays! Who knows, you may even start to look better than ever. Good cheer combined with good habits equals an amazing you.

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