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The Key to Building Wealth in your 20s

Building wealth in your 20s

Progressive wealth can be well planned out, but early and long sustaining wealth requires leaps upon leaps of faith which stretch you to your limits. There may be weeks when groceries are a luxury and when you work more hours than you left corporate for. You will be expected to be a better version of yourself than you ever thought required, to ask for help from others and from the Universe on a daily basis, to stand in the face of adversity after just arriving out of it and say, “I refuse to believe I am capable of anything less than greatness.” You must act, daily, in a way that assumes success is just around the corner when there’s no logical reason to believe it.

You must be willing to go broke, pay minimum balances, and invest in a future that’s not guaranteed in order to create a self made fortune in your 20s. This does not mean you must do all of these things, but it does require a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed today, not later in life. Creating wealth in your 20s requires a commitment beyond reason and logic, and to depend entirely upon the assumption that you were born to live a magnificent life the whole way through.

The world does not desire for you to be broke, but it does desire for you to change the way the masses understand wealth, and the means in which to achieve it.  All great changes require effort, and this is no exception. The call to be wealthy, and to spread our achievement of it, has never been louder, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smooth ride. To be wealthy you must drive the unpaved road and dodge the falling rocks. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to be successful throughout your whole life, not just a part of it.

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