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The Business Side of Youtube- How to Monetize Your Message on #MillennialTalk

The Business Side of Youtube On our last #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat, we talked about “Top Job Trends For Millennials.” Tonight at 8pm EST on #Millennialtalk, we are speaking with Roberto Blake @RobertoBlake about “The Business Side of Youtube- How to Monetize Your Message.”

We’re also infusing Blab into tonight’s chat!! Kimberly Moffit @KimberlyMoffit will be joining us on Blab to share with us how she has built such a large Youtube audience and what she is doing to monetize her channel. Make sure to join us at the same time Blab here!!

As an authority on Video Marketing, Visual Design and Content Marketing Strategy, Roberto Blake has grown an audience of thousands who he has helped educate and motivate to take grow their creative passion or their businesses. Roberto’s Youtube channel has grown by over 50,000 subscribers in 2 years and he is a contributing writer for HOW Design, Creative Pro, Print Magazine and The Toggle.

Kimberly Moffit has appeared on some of North America’s most watched programs, including Fox & Friends, The Better Show, ABC Washington, Good Day Chicago, NBC Baltimore, Canada AM, ETalk, and CBC’s The National. Kimberly achieved her doctoral degree in Psychology from Middlesex University in 2015. In less than a year, she has grown her Youtube channel to more than 40,000 subscribers, with some of her videos now reaching more than a half million views. Some of this week’s talking points:

  • What are some of the biggest challenges to marketing a business on YouTube?
  • Is it ever too early to monetize your YouTube Channel?
  • What type of content performs the best in YouTube?
  • Is it possible to be successful in YouTube without Marketing Experience?
  • What are some ways besides ads to Monetize in YouTube?

Looking forward to chatting with you tonight at 8 pm EST on Twitter and Blab about “The Business Side of Youtube- How to Monetize Your Message” with @RobertoBlake on #MillennialTalk.



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