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The Biggest Ways You Can Make a Change as a Millennial

The Biggest Ways You Can Make a Change as a Millennial

If you’re a millennial who wants to help bring about change in the world, you’re not alone. Your generation is full of young people who want to make a difference, and in true millennial fashion, you’re going about it in your own unique way.

As millennials take their place as the dominant adults in society, they’re revolutionizing how people interact with nonprofits and causes. In the recent presidential election, many millennials flexed their voting muscles for the very first time and demonstrated why this generation is a force to be reckoned with moving forward.

Forget the avocado toast. Millennials are known for wanting to make change in the world. Whether you care about civil rights, healthcare affordability, environmental issues, or another cause entirely, you need to know the best ways to make the most impact with your time, money, and effort.

How Millennials Are Making a Difference

Every generation collaborates with nonprofits and causes in an effort to make a difference. However, millennials have a much different approach than their predecessors. To start, they identify more directly with issues than entrenched institutions. Some of the top issues millennials care about include civil rights, healthcare affordability, access to education and college debt relief, and increasing equitable employment opportunities.

Millennials have their own ideas about volunteering and donating. First and foremost, transparency is essential. According to the Millennial Impact Report, three-quarters of respondents said they’re not willing to donate to an organization unless it’s clear what they’re funding. It’s important to millennials to be able to see the impact of their donations and know they’re not wasting their time.

In addition to volunteering and donating, millennials believe that implementing small and consistent habits such as posting on social media, shifting your spending habits, and voting can make a difference.


Many millennials recognize that one of the biggest ways they can make a change in the United States is to vote. But, you can do all the research in the world about which candidates to cast your ballot for — if you don’t know how to vote, you won’t be able to perform your civic duty.

Due to COVID-19, many states expanded absentee voting. Since it’s unclear how long the pandemic will last, you should educate yourself on how absentee voting or voting by mail works in your specific state. If you’ve never done it before, the process can seem intimidating. Taking the time to learn about the voting by mail system is essential for ensuring that your vote is counted.

Millennials recognize the importance of small and consistent habits for bringing about change. In terms of voting, that means researching candidates and casting your ballot not just in presidential elections but state and local ones too.

Other Ways You Can Change

Of course, voting isn’t the only way you can make change as a millennial. Other actions include signing petitions, joining crowdfunding campaigns, and regularly evaluating the brands and businesses that you support. For example, instead of purchasing something on Amazon, you might elect to support a small business.

One of the best ways millennials can make a change in the world is continuing to believe that they’re able to do so. When they work together, optimists can make a difference. The Millennial Impact Report revealed that 86% of respondents believe their actions can impact the world. It’s a critical mindset shift that other generations can learn from.

Being a conscious consumer, donating your time and money, and getting out (or staying in) to vote are some of the biggest ways you can make a change as a millennial. It may take some trial and error to find the strategies and causes that resonate with you, but taking the time to do so will enrich your life.


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