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Staying Hungry: Maintaining Goal-Related Passion Part 2 – What Can You Do to Maintain Passion?

Goals and passions for millennials

You’ve done it: you’ve honed in on your interests, realized what you’re passionate about in “Staying Hungry:Keeping Goal-Related Passions Alive“, and decided that you want to make this passion a larger part of your life. So, what next? What can you do to maintain that passion and build your skills in that area? How can you fill your time by doing what you love? How can you make your passion a larger part of yourself?

1 – Side Projects

A great way to make your passion a more significant part of your daily or weekly routine is to get yourself involved in a personal project. Whether it be starting a blog, contributing posts to a weekly online series, or deciding to create a business plan for that idea you’ve always secretly had, a personal side project allows you to channel your energies into something that truly resonates with your goals. Having a space or task that is your own – you determine what you put in, from time to money to parts of yourself – is empowering. Passion projects will provide you with inspiration, an outlet to be creative, and actual actionable achievements in line with your passion.

2 – Classes

Have you always wanted to learn a second language? Do you dream of improving your culinary skills through a sought-out expert? Join a class! Doing so will not only provide you with the tools to improve your skills, but also provide you with the opportunity to meet those who share the same passion and drive. Personal growth is empowering; seeking out new information and opening yourself up to passion-related learning opportunities is the greatest form of growth there is.

3 – Groups

Places like online forums, blog comment sections, and common interest groups in your city are great – and flexible – ways to learn from others interested in the same thing that you are. Providing new routes to conversation and allowing you to discover the reasons behind others’ passion, groups and forums are a way to expose yourself to new passion-related information and people.

What is the common theme of the above three suggestions? Empowerment. Taking control of your time and allocating some of that to your passion is empowering – as an individual, you increase your growth, knowledge, and confidence. As a Millennial, those three areas are essential to success. So go ahead, maintain your passion!

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