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5 Tips For Researching Internships

Internship Tips

Take a deep breath! Looking for an internships can be a job in itself, but there are plenty of resources and people that can help. You can do this!

  1. Start a folder on your computer and add a folder in your Inbox that will house all of your resumes, cover letters, and emails. This will help you keep everything organized. Also, to keep yourself sane throughout the process, it might be a good idea to start an excel sheet where you maintain where/when you applied, if you have any direct connections and any other useful information. This will come in handy when you write thank you notes and follow-up.

  2. Determine which field you’re interested in. If you’re unsure, look into different things. Visit specific companies’ websites to learn about opportunities, what they do, and culture. For example, if you’re interested in technology, you might stalk Microsoft, Google, & Apple. Then search your network to see if you know anyone who works there to get more insights.

  3. Let your network know you’re on the hunt for an internship.

    • Start with LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook statuses

    • Individually reach out to well-connected friends/family & members of your network to let them. Be sure to attach your resume. Let them know what you’re specifically interested in.

    • Utilize your alumnae network

  4. Visit your Career Services center. It’s a free and awesome resource that can be very helpful. Everything from resume editing to connecting you to specific opportunities.

  5. Of course, use resources like or Intern Match. But one of my favorite tools for a job/internship searching is You can search specific hashtags like #internship #nyc or type in keywords like “hiring intern.” It’s full of people seeking all sorts of talent & help!

Internship hunting is just like job hunting. It’s time consuming and requires a lot of willpower, energy, and thick-skin. Talk to anyone and everyone who will listen. Tell them what you’re interested in and where you want to be. Be sure to always follow-up with a thank you.

Good luck!

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