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#MillennialTalk Recap: Tweet Like An Expert: How To Use Twitter To SCALE Your Business

What if I told you that you could significantly impact your business with just 280 characters? Whether it’s a GIF, Quote, How to video, or a simple Retweet, Twitter can help you show the world what you’re all about. From a small business owner to the President Of The United States, Twitter has become a popular vehicle for reaching a large target audience.

During this week’s #MillennialTalk, we spoke with @MadalynSklar, where she shared her top tips to “Tweet Like An Expert: How To Use Twitter To SCALE Your Business.”

Half-way through our action packed chat, #MillennialTalk started Trending…THIS CHAT WAS OFF THE CHARTS!

Scroll down to see our #Millennialtalk chat Q&A with @MadalynSklar and other amazing #MT participants.



@MadalynSklar:  I recommend auditing your Twitter profile on a regular basis so that it reflects the most current “you.” There are 3 important elements to your Twitter profile.

  1. Header photo – 1500×500 pixels
  2. Profile picture – 400×400 pixels
  3.  Bio – 160 characters

Make a point to review and update it as needed.

@BPucino: From an SEO standpoint, be aware that your Tweets will often make up at least a couple of the first results if potential clients / employers search your name. What do you want them to find?


@ChelseaKrost: Video is king: Videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3x more likely than GIFs. 82% of users watch video on Twitter. There are many video formats to explore like: How To Video, Product Demo, Unboxing Video, User Generated Videos, Testimonial, Speaking Clips, Media/Press Clips, etc. Trending Topic articles, Quotes, Raw/Behind The Scenes Posts, Visuals and Infographics perform GREAT on Twitter and are liked and shared 3X more than other any other type of content.

@MadalynSklar: Twitter can feel a lot like texting. I get the most engagement when I post videos and GIFs. Visuals invoke so much more feeling in a tweet. Plus GIFs are fun!


Did you know today is ? ????  Another reason to consider video ? According to a study by Forrester, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s cool!

@KaytieZimms: Short, emotion or education packed comments, questions, or thoughts. In fact, I’ve found my more personalized tweets receive more interaction




@MadalynSklar: Be Consistent. The one thing I found that separates the high profile users on Twitter from everyone else is being consistent. If you want to stand out, get on Twitter every day and connect. Engage with your community. Participate in Twitter chats Twitter chats are the best way to expand your network & connect with like-minded people. It’s where you’ll find your tribe. And where topics resonate with you. So pat yourself on the back for being here on ‘s awesome.  Engage. Engage. Engage. The most important thing you can do on Twitter is engage. ? Think of it as one big happy community that connects you with millions of people. I like to view Twitter as a giant cocktail party. ?

@BrowerKDnB: Stay consistent! Find your personal brand voice and stick to it. Also – if you’re building an engaged community, you need to engage! Don’t just post , communicate with your audience. 

@CardozaGab: Tips for creating a  tribe:

  • Be consistent Engage w/ others
  • Listen actively
  • Ask questions
  • Collaborate
  • Add value
  • Show appreciation
  • Offer support Create/ Curate w/ intent
  • Embrace UGC


@ChelseaKrost: For organic lead generation, optimize your posting schedule. Make sure your tweeting when audience is online and most engaged. Use the analytics tab to help give you insight into your audience interests and demographics so that you can craft your Twitter Buyer Persona(s).

@MadalynSklar: I like to use lead magnets such as a free mini-course, checklist or cheat sheet. It’s a great way to generate leads. In my experience it works well for both organic as well as paid advertising. Of course a budget does helps! ? Here’s a tip: Check your analytics for the top performing tweets. Those are the ones you want to put advertising dollars into. Something to think about. ?

 Share lead-generating such as ebooks, whitepapers, free trials, demos — anything where your audience needs to fill out a web form. *Try to keep web forms as short as you can – make it easy for your followers*



  • Add a Twitter widget to your website, email signature, bottom of your blog posts
  • Embed tweets on your blog
  • Organize your buyer personas with lists
  • Use Twitter moments to story tell or recap events
@MadalynSklar: One of my favorite Twitter features is Moments. With Moments you can curate a group of tweets. For example, here is last week’s chat recap. It’s a weekly chat I host. ( 
Here’s another example of Twitter Moments: The Best of Social Media Marketing World  (
Another great Twitter feature is Media Studio. You can upload a video and add meta-data such as a title, description and even a call-to-action. Learn more at

:It’s not technically a feature but we need more awesome like .There’s tons of value in coming together once a week to learn, share and grow.


  • Create content that answers your “frequently asked questions”
  • Answer Questions DMs in less than 24 hours
  • Reply to customers with emotion and enthusiasm
  • Amplify positive reviews
@MadalynSklar: I use (TweetDeck works well too) as my customer service tool. You want to keep a watchful eye so that you can quickly assist customers. Your notifications tab should be your best friend.
@BrowerKDnB: Twitter is a huge customer service tool! can be considered the “front door” to your biz given the times, so you should be prepared for CS issues! Set up to see issues w/o being tagged & constantly monitor your notifications.
@ChelseaKrost: Here are some of my faves…  3rd party tools can help you create content or give you content ideas and allow you to schedule posts. 
@MadalynSklar:  I ♥️♥️♥️ tools! Here are a few of my favorites. Tools make life easier. Tools save you time and money. When you talk about tools (or anyone for that matter), tag them so they’ll know you are talking about them. It’s a great way to get their attention.
@GenePetrovLMC Ive been a fan and user of: . Those cover the basic really well from scheduling and publishing content to managing and finding followers.
DO: Keep is short and catchy
DON’T: Buy Followers
DO: Engage Engage Engage
DON’T: Post only promotional content
DO: Get in on trending conversations
DON’T: Be rude
Do listen. ?
Do engage. ?
Do follow interesting people. ?
Do join 2-3 Twitter chats a week. ?
Do have fun! ?
Don’t over-sell or over-automate. ?
Don’t send me a DM trying to get me to follow you on LinkedIn. ?‍♀️
Do engage with your followers, influencers, and others in your field. Build relationships. Don’t ignore people or self-promote all the time.

We hope that you will become part of our #MillennialTalk community on Tuesday’s at 8 pm EST.



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