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#MillennialTalk Recap: How To Generate More Traffic, Leads and Sales With Live Stream Videos

We all know by now that content is King and video is a MUST, but what about live streaming? Well, there are so many benefits to live streaming like building brand awareness, generating more audience engagement and it could even help increase sales! But, does the idea of creating video content already overwhelm you and does the word LIVE send shivers up your spine? Let me stop you right there, there’s no need to feel confused and I am determined to help you get over the fear of going LIVE!
This week on #Millennialtalk, I called live stream expert, @LuriaPetrucci, to share all of her tips and tricks to help you become a live streaming pro!
Here’s a recap of our chat Q&A with @LuriaPetrucci and our incredible #MT participants where we discussed, “How To Generate More Traffic, Leads and Sales With Live Stream Videos.”

Lights, Camera, Action…!

@ChelseaKrost: There are great but cost effective ways to enhance your livestreaming visual. Check out the clip ring lights that you can attach to your mobile & desktop, a clip on bug mic to enhance audio & retractable tripod for mobile livestreams on @amazon. I really like this Kimafun bug mic that I got on @amazon. It is great for mobile livestreams on the go and works great cancelling noise for live-streaming outside. 

@LuriaPetrucci: Honestly, use what you already have… your PHONE! Don’t let the tech hold you back from taking action!!! That being said, there are 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming.

  • The Phone (plus some gear if you want).
  • Browser Based Services ( ).
  • Downloaded Software (Ecamm).
  • Dedicated PC + vMix Software

Here’s our Level 1 Gear Guide to get you started! –

You can also take our free LIVE Video Quiz to help with additional gear and strategy –

Mics depend on your situation. Simple wired lapel can be wonderful and cheap. Inexpensive but good quality wired mic
Movo –

@LuriaPetrucci: #LIVEVideo Content should always have a purpose to help lead people to whatever end result you want them to take. Example… Do you want them to engage? To follow? To opt in to a lead magnet? Start at the end, and content will fall into place! Structuring content: Use my Show Flow to avoid common mistakes people make!This Show Flow will maximize value + engagement!

@BrowerKDnB: Come up with topics that are evergreen or will be recurring, but also plan for real-time #marketing opportunities with live video.

@SoniaLuvsAsanas: Definitely have a plan of action and know where you’re going with your thoughts and major points.

@LuriaPetrucci: Simulcasting your stream to multiple locations can increase your audience! BUT… you have to be where you are….  Meaning, don’t stream to a location if you can’t answer comments and engage with the audience there! That’s one of the worst mistakes you can make and will break trust with your audience. vMix software streams to multiple locations and adds graphics. If low bandwidth, services like can help!

@ChelseaKrost: Leverage all your digital assets and social channels to promote your live stream. Make your promotion engaging & visually stimulating to help cut through the clutter and grab peoples eye. Use Instagram stories & highlights to your advantage.

@LuriaPetrucci: Ah…. so many!! Haha! I teach 19 Promotion Strategies, but to keep it simple… use all your assets! Every social account, email, etc to promote. You need CONSISTENCY! Same day/time weekly for example. This increases views and engagement. Build a habit! Also go LIVE from your phone “in regular life” (I call these Life Streams) to engage with people on a very human level! Use Life Streams to promote to your weekly LIVE Show! And ask easy to answer questions (Easy Wins) to get them talking! Easy Win Questions would be “where are you from”, “what’s your pets’ name?” – things that don’t require thought. THEN… take them deeper with bigger conversations!

@JenneferTBG: Use all of your social media platforms to promote. Do a Save the Date first to build buzz. Then consistently promote w/ teasers. Highlight info that you will be sharing. Get the audience *hungry* for your info. Even do a mini live stream to promote the longer version.

@LuriaPetrucci: If you’re creating content with the end goal in mind… PLUS content that your audience WANTS (not needs), sales will be easier. Use LIVE to connect with people and gain trust. Make them fall in love with you! Send them to an opt in first to give value. Make your viewer your FRIEND instead of a number or sale. Bring them along for the JOURNEY of your product creation. When you do that, they WANT to buy… you don’t have to SELL!

@robynstevensPR: So true ^ – people buy from a person they feel comfortable with & people like to buy a product or a service that offers a solution.

@BrowerKDnB: Livestream exclusive demos of products. When doing these livestreams, make sure there is a clear CTA at the end of the video and within the text.

@LuriaPetrucci: Messenger Bots are an automated communication method between your viewer + your FB Page. I call them LIVE Video Bots. Your viewer types in a keyword during your LIVE Show (“Freebie”). Your page automatically delivers. You have a new Lead. Or, they type in a keyword during your LIVE Show and you send them a link to a sales page. 80% of people watch on mobile. This is convenient for them. And gives you confidence that they don’t forget your links once the stream is over! 😉  LIVE Video Bots ALSO help with engagement (because it’s a comment) and reach (because FB loves comments)!

@ChelseaKrost: When live streaming from mobile make sure the lighting isn’t too dark or blown out from the sun. Check your frame before you go live! Also, be aware of background noise…a lavalier mic can make all the difference.

@LuriaPetrucci: I love to help people with “Pro Hacks” when streaming from the phone! First off… no “up the nose shots”!!! LOL! Think about the viewer experience at all times. Are you in frame or cut off the screen? Don’t rub the mic with your finger (ouch!). Hold it steady and move slowly! They’ll see blur if you move quickly. Use a stabilizer to help control the shot! I love the DJI Osmo Mobile!


  • Do turn your phone on “do not disturb mode.”
  • Do: have a plan!
  • Don’t just wing it!
  • Don’t switch from horizontal to vertical – pick one before going live.

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