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#MillennialTalk Recap: Creating A Simple Sales Funnell

Landing pages, Facebook ads, webinars, free guides, emails and so much more…creating a sales funnel can be complicated for even the savviest marketers! That’s why we invited marketing expert, Kat Sullivan, to join us on last week’s #MillennialTalk. Kat specializes in making social media simple (what a concept?!) and that includes sales funnels.

We started with the basics, what a sales funnel is and why it is important for your business. After that, we took a deeper dive into how to create a sales funnel, incentives/lead magnets for your funnel, how to track your analytics and much more!

If you are ready to automate your sales process and generate more income for your business then keep on reading because this recap is full of golden nuggets to help you get started!⬇

Scroll down for a recap of our Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: My definition of a #SalesFunnel: The steps/opt-ins/experiences your potential customers move through within their consumer journey. It is how a consumer gets from A-Z to (hopefully) purchase your product/service!
@MrsKatSulli: A simple sales funnel is really just the process of getting in front of customers and moving them through from brand new contact (aka “Who the heck are you”) to happy customer (aka, I just bought your product and I love it) Businesses need a sales funnel (sales process) so they know how they’re going to get in front of people, acquire new leads, and generate revenue!
@BrowerKDnB: A #sales funnel is the journey your prospects take on the way to becoming a customer and most importantly an advocate for your business!


@ChelseaKrost:Now here’s the thing…in my marketing career I’ve learned that many experts and industry leaders have funnel methods that vary, so I’ve seen different versions of what these stages should/could look like! Honestly I don’t think it is a one size fits all concept. However, I do like how @mrskatsulli keeps it simple for us with her 4 stages…I am all about simplicity ????
Here’s how I like to break down a #sales funnel:
@MrsKatSulli: 1. Awareness: Get in front of potential customers (Social media, Videos, Articles, Podcasts, Advertising, etc…)
2. Incentive: Give them a reason to be attracted them to your business (Free gift, coupon, a sample, free trial, etc…)
3. Lead: Connect with them, Get them in your door, to your social pages, on your email list, to give you their phone number
4. Close: Sell them and create a RELATIONSHIP!
@adawsonslifeBasics of a #marketing #salesfunnel consist of the actions your targeted consumer takes:
Awareness ⬇️
Interests ⬇️
Consideration ⬇️
Intent ⬇️
Evaluation ⬇️
And Purchase????


@MrsKatSulliYES, ABSOLUTELY! ???? Sales Funnels work in any industry for any sale because it’s really just another phrase for customer journey! It can be customized for any business.
@C_LONASAbsolutely. It’s all about setting the goals for your leads. Create that funnel based upon what matters in your strategy.


@ChelseaKrost: There has been sales funnel success with many products & services, but here are some that convert best:
  • Coaching services
  • Fitness/Health coaching or programs
  • Financial services
  • Realtors 
  • Beauty Products
@MrsKatSulli: I think things that sell online work particularly well. Personally, I’ve sold info products, coaching, digital courses, & software and sales funnels work like magic! I’ve also seen sales funnels perform really well with books, physical products, website design, personal training, social media services, and even monthly membership sites. So a pretty wide range!
@stephsteeves7Depending on how you define your funnel channel (sales force? Website? Social Media? #MillennialTalk???? ANY product or service can be bought or sold via funnel marketing!


@ChelseaKrost: Just like anything else in your marketing efforts, you should set your goals! Ask yourself:
  • How many leads do I want to attract?
  • Am I looking to build my social following using this sales funnel?
@MrsKatSulli: Start with the 4 stages from Q2. Try to get crystal clear on how you’re going to get that awareness, incentivize them to connect with you, turn them into a hot lead, and close them. Map it out and create the customer journey.
@JKatzaman: As with any process or plan, you must begin with a goal and a vision. You can’t get off to a good start unless you know where you want to finish.


@ChelseaKrost: #Facebook is a great platform when building our your sales funnel! I always suggest to my private coaching clients that they run a few ads on FB for their product/services. FB is also ideal for promoting your incentive/offer (more on this later????)
@MrsKatSulli: You’ll want to use the platforms your customers are using but my personal preference is to start with the King of the social networks: Facebook They have so many marketing tools we can use from FB pages to groups to events to advertising, etc.
@RachekYancious: I think it depends on the type of business you’re in. For B2B @LinkedIn is big. B2C probably depends on product, but I know I’ve made purchases from @instagram.


@ChelseaKrost:Top lead magnets for a sales funnel: (THINK ABOUT GIVING AMAZING VALUE) – Free email course – Free guide – Interactive Quiz that reveals important insights – Discovery Call – Case Study – Giveaway – Coupons and Discounts
@MrsKatSulli: So many ideas!! Discounts Coupons Special Offers Free Reports Checklists Worksheets PDF’s Video Trainings Free Consultation Free Strategy Session Free Estimate Free Shipping Bonus Products Upgrades Giveaways Sweepstakes
@NathalieGregg: Quizzes! Discovery calls! Checklists! Class recordings! Webinars! Complementary Membership Group! Newsletters! Challenges! etc


@ChelseaKrost: Create a survey or quiz that helps gets people thinking and interacting! A survey or quiz can lead prospects to realize the things that they may need more knowledge or are missing in their life. Don’t forget about interactive elements like Twitter Chats, Live-stream, and Public Speaking! These are also amazing ways to fuel your funnel.
@MrsKatSulli: I’m a big fan of being creative and unique! – What can you do that other people aren’t doing? – Can you do something fun with video? – Can you do something creative with an ad? Look for ways to embed your personality into it.


@ChelseaKrost: Top tools for creating content/landing pages for a sales funnel:
@MrsKatSulli: So many good ones to choose from! I’m a big fan of @LeadPages mixed with @ActiveCampaign and my wordpress website. That’s our set up.


@LindsayFultz: create funnels and unique utm links for EVERYTHING! If paid, spend just enough to get a/b test learnings. Don’t assume. Always optimize.


@MrsKatSulli: One mistake I see quite a bit is people don’t go through their own sales funnel as a consumer. You can learn a lot by stepping into the shoes of your customer and seeing how they would view the process. It’s a HUGE learning tool.


@ChelseaKrost: I think the biggest reason people see success is because they don’t give up! A sales funnel is all about trial and error. If your current funnel isn’t working, see where you can make improvements. Sometimes that one tweak can make all the difference.
@MrsKatSulli: think the key to a successful sales funnel is to play the long game. Don’t get impatient. Make adjustments. Learn. Make more adjustments. Learn More. Make Adjustments. Rinse and Repeat
@Neil_ODonnell: Some don’t adapt to changes in market or when they have a failure


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