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#MillennialTalk Recap: “Spotlight On Innovation”

When I think of the word “INNOVATION“, I imagine…
– Going outside of your comfort zone⁣
– Overcoming fear of failure ⁣
– Pushing industry limits ⁣
– Creating new technology & systems ⁣
– Taking your brand, business, or product to the next level⁣

When you peel back the layers of what innovation truly means, you begin to see the endless opportunities that technology is bringing to our present day and future. The combination of technology & innovation is empowering us to change the world one industry at a time. That’s what I partnered up with Siemens during their incredible “Spotlight on Innovation” event for a dynamic and future-forward discussion all about fueling America’s innovation pipeline!
From City innovation to workforce evolution to the digital future, we covered it all ✓

Scroll down for a recap of this weeks Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: What I think of when I hear innovation!
  • Thought-Provoking
  • Cutting Edge
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Advancement
@SiemensUS_CEO: (Barbara Humpton) So when I hear ‘innovation’ I think about opportunities to shape human lives. I think about changing the world — which we’ll get to focus on a lot tomorrow at our technology conference Spotlight on Innovation.


@geekgirlweb: “Innovation” to me means a unique way of solving problems. That’s what got me interested in tech, was that we have the power at our fingertips (to write code, create companies and bring ideas to life!) Tech for good has been my first platform.


@ChelseaKrost: There is no such thing as sitting back and waiting for growth, opportunity, revenue, or success – you have to innovate your way to the top. I treat & think of my personal brand & business as if it is in constant evolution. I am always aware that trends change, demands change, & in order to stay relevant innovation is essential.
Im thinking about how to communicate innovation and where my company is innovating. Not just blog posts, but Livestream, talks, and bots.
Challenging my assumptions about the world, about others, about my limitations, about intentions, about outcomes and acting on the new assumptions.


@ChelseaKrost: Millennials and aren’t just driving the change they have cultivated it, they are demanding it, and they expect it. Technology has given today’s gen instant access & instant gratification = huge shift in purchase behavior.
@SiemensUS_CEO:What I admire about millennials and gen z is their passion for helping others and making a difference. You’ll fit right in at !


@ChelseaKrost: I spent the day touring Downtown Orlando with learning about how they are approaching innovation in real-estate, electric charging stations, sustainable energy, ride-sharing programs, & electric buses. I am truly so impressed.
@SiemensUS_CEO: I really enjoyed going to Huntsville, Alabama recently for an event with Ashley Kimbel, and now tomorrow Ashley will join me onstage again at Spotlight on Innovation! Connecting this back to what I said about millennials and gen z being focused on doing good, Ashley downloaded our software in her high school classroom and used it design a better prosthetic leg for a veteran in her community.


@LizzVo: I recently discovered in DC and it screams innovation! They showcase technology-driven art that makes you feel like there are endless ways to create


@ChelseaKrost: I am really looking forward to seeing how each industry evolves due to tech advances. Unfortunately, within the past 3 years, my family has been hit HARD w/ several family members having cancer. We need more research, trials, & more innovation in healthcare
@hannahaggie2014: I suppose the industry I’m most excited to continue seeing innovation in is agriculture! 🌽🌱🌾🚜 Happens to be my industry so maybe I’m biased 😬 Farmers face the heroic challenge of producing more with less to feed, fuel, and clothe us all
@geekgirlwebWith the rise of transportation and housing-related startups, products even IOT home devices, I’m excited to see how things can come together even further so we can spend less time on household chores and more time on innovation (in an ideal world!) We’ll get there!
@ChelseaKrost: SUCCESS: such a common term yet I think a “grey” term. Success can always be measured by data & analytics but most importantly what were the goals and objectives you set to achieve and were they achieved? If YES then does that = success?
@SiemensUS_CEO: As business leaders look at emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, we can’t only ask ourselves, “How can we generate more profit with this?” Instead we need to ask ourselves, “How can we drive change in the world?” Changing the world should be a business metric!
The best way is to see who is taking part in your innovation. The more view and clients you have, the better measure your business is. The feedback and reviews are a great way to measure the success of your innovation. 


@ChelseaKrost: I do think (timing) has some play in success & that is why keeping up with industry insights, trends, the competition, and conducting market research will always help reveal patterns and A-HA moments/inspiration.
@SiemensUS_CEO: As a business-to-society company, we take a different approach to innovation. Our business strategy is designed around a long-term view – out to 2050 – of major forces moving world markets and shaping our world. These are what we call global megatrends. It’s everything from rapidly growing cities, to healthcare advances leading to longer lives and aging populations, to climate change, to the rapid expansion of the bringing infrastructure online. This longer-term view provides a lot of stability to our business. Instead of trying to ride the wave of a flashing trend or fad, our team gets to make real the things that clearly matter to our future.
@Ig217: Timing I feel does play a factor. I think it comes in more when it is needed the most, but I do feel that as long as you are committed creative and use the technology out there to your advantage. Remember, your work is needed somewhere is the world. Find it.
@LeadinStilettos: I feel that timing has its place. Creating value, voice, and visibility will align you with your market.


@ChelseaKrost: Good qualities of an innovator:
-Able to turn an idea into action
-Able to empower & unite a team
-Able to lead & communicate
-Ability to admit when wrong & listen to others


As says…⤵️ ❌📦❌
@SiemensUS_CEO: One of the things we’re doing during Spotlight on Innovation is reflecting on our roots and our founder Werner von Siemens’ passion for creating that allows those who use it to expand what is . n addition to being focused on the needs of society, innovators also need to recognize that is really all about people. Werner established that vision for — and now gets to carry it forward into our digital future.
@geekgirlwebA good innovator tries to think/see/make decisions beyond their own biases and worldview. My fav example is when I heard that a certain short-term housing startup was founded with people who knew *nothing* about the hotel industry BUT that gave them an advantage!
@YvonnePilon: Empathetic Problem Solver Risk Taker Resilient Creativity Networked Observant
@dontquotekelzGood innovators listen, are not attached to their idea but rather to identify a solution, ask for help where they need it, and execute, execute, execute until the problem is solved
@kushaanshah Just the idea that so many markets are unconquered! I’m currently working on an idea to disrupt theatre tech – would love to connect with Broadway fans on this chat ☺️
@dontquotekelz: Simply and selfishly (yet honestly) put; leaving a legacy. To truly live is for my efforts while I was here to never die.



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