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#MillennialTalk Recap: “Small Biz to Smart Biz: How To Make Technology Work For You”

Need to have a client meeting, but your not in the same city? Not a problem. Want to give a virtual presentation of how to use your product? Got that covered. Looking to automate your business practices? Yup, there are tools for that. The power of technology is endless.
GM and VP of Marketing and Strategy for Cloud App, Joe Martin, joined us on this week’s #MillennialTalk to discuss all the of the convenient ways we can use today’s most modern tech advancements so that we can be more productive. It is time for businesses, entrepreneurs and corporations to use technology to their advantage in order to meet the needs and wants of their consumer base.
From using tech for customer service to building prospects and closing deals, we discussed it all!
Let’s get tech-no-logical…????????????

Scroll down for a recap of this weeks Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: Technology has truly improved the quality of customer service! Good bye long, drawn out phone calls and trying to get a hold of the right person ➡️ now there are tutorial videos, screen sharing and so many other awesome tools like chatbots to help customers. ????
News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for good customer service. So to make sure your #CustomerService is on point – make sure to do these few things!
@joeDmarti: It allows for quicker response and more personalization. Companies that I admire like and , use to close tickets quicker through visual means vs. text and enable their sales team with more personal messages.
New tech has given us the ability to automate more to complete more tasks and grow at scale. This is tricky though because you need to find the right mix of automation that still creates a good experience.
@anushkamaya: Technology is a game changer for customer service. With marketing automation tools and chat bots more people can be serviced at scale, and can receive service in less time.


@ChelseaKrost: Screen recordings are so valuable because they allow us to VISUALLY show customers, clients and prospects how to use a product or service. We learn and retain faster/easier with a visual. I have utilized screen recordings in some of my awesome bonus content material/tutorials that I offer at my speaking events. I show my audience exactly how to use some of my favorite social media tools like @canva & @hashtracking
@joeDmarti: I used a lot at Adobe to reduce the need for meetings and to connect more with remote team members through a quick video explanation. It was also great for on-boarding or training of how to pull reports.
I also used at as a way to improve my executive messaging. So many times a meeting would be cut short or canceled. Send a video of myself in the corner talking to a presentation was a nice way to manage up.
@JLavenberg: Find out where the pain points are for your customers and then make a 30 second screen recording on how to get around it. Anything longer than 30 seconds and customers will probably not watch the entire recording.


@ChelseaKrost: Gone are the days of having to meet in person, thanks to modern day technology, we now can connect digitally via tools like @zoom @skype & @whatsapp. We can also can present a product or conduct a service through screen recordings and screen sharing.
@joeDmarti: So many companies are using video messaging for sales enablement. It’s a nice way to personalize a message where you talk to key points of a white paper or article.


???? Email marketing : @Mailchimp, Infusionsoft by @KeapGrowing
???? Social media post scheduling: @hootsuite @PostPlanner @thesocialreport
Scheduling: @Calendly @jotform
@joeDmarti: I used at and still do now to record how to do frequent tasks I was asked about, so for documentation purposes or if a task can be outsourced to an agency, contractor, or other team member.
@RyBen3: I think automation done right can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other things like branding and other company initiatives while you still are having touchpoints with your customer.


@ChelseaKrost: Favorite programs for uploading large files: @cloudapp @googledrive @WeTransfer  – literally in these apps/tools all day every day.
@joeDmarti actually provides unlimited storage to Pro/Team/Enterprise users. I just drop files in there all the time and it creates a link for me of where its stored, then send that to a colleague if need be.


@ChelseaKrost: ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE there is nothing more personal than using video or livestream to connect with your customers. Always be storytelling!
@joeDmarti: Teaser for the webinar and I are doing on this next week. Lots of applications for Top of funnel (TOFU), Mid-Funnel (MOFU), Bottom-Funnel (BOFU)
TOFU – content and social extension of existing work or production of new work without additional research or writing.
MOFU – email, product marketing, enhanced case studies, sales enablement to push people along the funnel or journey depending on your strategy
BOFU – loyalty, customer support, more sales nurturing and relationship building. Closing tickets faster and more effectively with video alone can be helpful to produce loyalty.
@JenOleniczak: People want to see faces! Human connection is real, we trust people when we can see and hear them. So many of my clients are in video training with us right now because they aren’t coming through the medium. Trust = clients!


@ChelseaKrost: I like to use videos in some of my prospecting emails to show my expertise and industry knowledge. Consumers today are visual learners and are more inclined to retain info that they watch vs. info that they read!
@joeDmarti: I made a video using as an example here. Sales enablement using video is one of the fastest growing use cases of the product, and a key differentiator for a lot of the companies using us.
@Nicole_Smartt: 1) Personalized greeting 2) Sharing tips they can use 3) Congratulating them on recent accomplishment 4) Reviewing product/demo (only if requested)


@ChelseaKrost:One word: PERSONALITY! GIF’s are an awesome way to bring life to you/your brand. Just like videos, GIF’s add a voice to who you are and what your brand represents.
I say, don’t be afraid to use GIF’s…have fun with them!
@joeDmarti: On the social side its mostly about expression beyond what text can provide and can provide nice links to pop culture. On the business side, a GIF is just a short video that can be great for showing repeatable tasks, create marketing material, or close customer support tickets quicker.
@OfficialMaleeka: GIFs add personality and they say a lot without saying anything at all! Lol




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