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#MillennialTalk Recap: Disrupt Yourself™…How to Put the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

Are you in a creative rut?

Struggling from writer’s block?

Feeling unenthused about completing the task at hand?

Or, need some motivation for the New Year?

You may need to…Disrupt Yourself! Disruption often has a negative connotation, but we are squashing that stereotype.

Because when it comes to your brand, your goal is to be disruptive. As a matter of fact, when it comes to brands Millennials value disruption, citing disruptive brands as some of our favorites.

Industry disruption, in fact, is the goal of most emerging startups and entrepreneurs. To become disruptive, you’re going to take chances. You’re going to challenge the traditional methods for reaching your market. Your business needs to be open, flexible, and willing to focus on both the present and the future. Disruptive brands allow for more room for learning from mistakes. And they’re also more prepared to try out new techniques and technology.

Ready for more?

This week on #Millennialtalk, we spoke with Best Selling Author, Whitney Johnson () about “How to Put the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work.”

We talked about things like personal disruption vs professional disruption, when’s the right time to disrupt yourself, and how we can best prepare to level up in life.

Scroll down to read a recap of last night’s Q&A!


Personal Disruption = Change that impacts your soul, your family, your loved ones, your offline life, living & thriving outside society norms.

Professional Disruption = Hitting career-oriented goals, breaking ceilings, pioneering new paths, taking risks.

@johnsonwhitney:There’s actually not a difference between the two. It’s always a silly, little thing that takes over the world. The other commonality is that personal or professional, people think you’ve lost your mind. Because it seems illogical. When you are at the top of your current learning curve.


@LeadinStilettosI look at my person and my professional life as a seamless integration. Being a disruptor in one constitutes me being a disruptor in the other.

@ChelseaKrost:Think disruption when you are in a lull, creative rut, have writer’s block or feel lack of enthusiasm towards the task. Think disruption when you have reached a high point & want to continue to evolve & expand.

@johnsonwhitneyLike when Netflix disrupted Blockbuster, now Cable TV. Stranger Things!

@kushaanshah: When you begin to get too complacent, it’s time to disrupt. This can manifest itself in boredom or emotional burnout

@ChelseaKrost: Take a deep look within. Where within can you further develop, explore, and grow. Discover if there are any icky feelings or unresolved wounds that are prohibiting you from moving forward. Dig out the weeds so that you can D I S R U P T.

@johnsonwhitneyThere’s a seven-point framework of personal disruption. #1. You take the right kinds of risk, play where others aren’t. The 2nd way is to play to your distinctive strengths. What you do well that others don’t. Like the koala. The 3rd way is to embrace your constraints. Turn what you lack (time, money, expertise) into a tool of creation.

@carriemaslenTo disrupt yourself, ask: What new do I need to learn about? Where is the future of my industry going? How can I stand out?

@ChelseaKrost: With my coaching clients we work through these 5 ?️ stages to LEVEL UP and achieve more VISIBILITY. INFLUENCE & PROFITS for their and .

@johnsonwhitneyWe can best level up by starting today, starting small. Like I am going to do 10 push-ups. Six months ago I could do any. Now I can do 10 full body push-ups because I started.

@PaulC_CAI don’t think you can. If it is really disruptive. Burning bridges helps. Not having a comfort zone to return to. Having to figure out how “make it” in the new environment.

@ChelseaKrost: I work from home when I am not on the road for work and treat my home office like it is my sanctuary filled with some of my favorite things: diffuser, candles, crystals, whiteboard, tablet = things that stimulate thought & creativity. 

I spark disruptive thoughts when I work outside or take routine walks to decompress after long conference calls, coaching sessions, or writing sprints. Step away to create space for innovative thinking and new perspective shifts. Clarity = Diruption


  1. You are already disrupting by working at home.
  2. Take lots of breaks.
  3. Have a place where you love work–a room of your own, if possible.

@matthewjcoleman: Get out and network. Find local business groups. Create and attend masterminds. Disrupt yourself by hearing what others are doing. Where they succeed and fail/learn.

@ChelseaKrost: Be open and aware of new trends, new ways of thinking, new systems and tools to scale your business and increase productivity. The New Year is a perfect time to stop, evaluate, refine, repeat.

@johnsonwhitneyJust start brainstorming. What are some things that are on your wish list. No need to edit yet. Pick 2-3 that appeal. And then start talking about them out loud as if they have already happened. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference. If they are good goals, they’ll stick. If not, you’ll find the goal losing momentum.

@LeadinStilettos: Assess where I am now and set my intentions for 2019. Stop working in isolation! Start connecting & collaborating with global ! Looking forward to setting the world on ?

@ChelseaKrost: In order to be disruptive, you must <explore the unknown> the best way to innovate is to <learn, create, test, crowdsource, perfect>.??? 

@johnsonwhitneyI am going to be disruptive and alter this a bit. To be an agent of disruption, first become its subject. In order to be disruptive, you must <play where no one else is playing> the best way to innovate is to <learn, leap and repeat>.

@PaulC_CA: In order to be disruptive, you must take action all the time, even if you fail. The best way to innovate is to keep asking questions and keep questioning the status quo?

Accepting disruption into your life can seem scary, but facing your fears could be monumental for your business. Rather than just overcoming your fears, you should let them guide you. Learn all about ‘Why You Should Let Your Fears Guide You’ HERE!

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