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6 Business Ideas For The Instant Digital Entrepreneur

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The idea of making cash quick is a pretty seductive one. Who wouldn’t love to set up their own successful business and become their own boss — making your millions and being set for life sounds pretty great, right?

Once you come up with an idea, you can come up with the plan, and get your entrepreneurial ball rolling…  It’s all a case of nailing your strategy.

The trouble is, lots of people just don’t know where to start. Or how to come up with great business ideas. The big names at the top seem so far away, and their story doesn’t feel like it can be applied to your business model.

What you really need is an ideas (wo)man. That’s where we come in! We’ve come up with 6 relatively easy-to-start business ideas for the instant entrepreneur. Read on to find out more about making money quick.

1. Digital freelancer

If you’ve got a talent or a service that you could sell online, then digital freelancer could be the business idea for you!

This could be: writing, web design, marketing, social media, and SEO, to name just a few. These are all skills and knowledge that people will pay good money for, particularly if you’re good. You just need to build up a portfolio and a client base for the big money to start rolling in.

With the emergence of online jobs boards and freelancer sites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour. it’s easy enough to get set up. You just create your own profile detailing your work and costs. Once you’ve started getting a few jobs, you can ask clients for reviews, and add trust testimonials to your page. This is perfect for generating even more business! 

Once you’ve become more established and built up a network, you can start to be more picky with offers, and only choose the ones you’re really interested in.

If you’re interested in becoming a freelancer, then you should definitely check out this awesome post on getting started in the gig economy.

2. Become a blogger

Becoming a blogger might not be something you’ve thought about as a money-making idea, but you can actually make huge amounts of money if you do it right. It’s even possible to make millions blogging!

Lots of people start off just writing their blog as a hobby, or on the side of their dayjob and end up going full time and earning a decent income.

Find a subject you feel strongly about, and that you can write confidently on. Are you a chef or a foodie that could share useful tips or restaurant reviews with others? Are you a digital marketer that could teach others your talents? Do you like crafting or DIY? It could just be a blog about your life and experiences!

If you write well enough, then it doesn’t really matter what your topic is — as long as you write informatively and interestingly, there will be people out there to read it

It’s easy enough to set up, and if you use a platform like WordPress to host your site, it’s pretty simple to maintain too.

As for monetizing your blog, there are all various routes you can go down, from affiliate links to sponsored ads to offering courses. Check out this awesome post to find out more about how you can monetize a blog.

3. Ecommerce entrepreneur

If you want to start up your own instant business, then why not become an ecommerce entrepreneur? 

This is a good idea if you’re already someone who crafts or makes products at home, and could upscale (although you can also look into dropshipping too). You’ve got the passion and the skill — all you need now is a platform where you can sell your goods!

You can build your own online store using ecommerce platforms like Shopify for little or nothing (or you can choose to have a profile on Ebay or Etsy).

Online store builders are usually easy to use because you can choose from a wide range of attractive storefront templates and add-ons to make your store without having to be a coding whizz. As a result, they can look unique and professional to potential customers, which gives you a much higher chance of converting those leads.

They’re also really quick to make, so you can be up and running in just a few days.

One of the big perks of starting up your own ecommerce business is that overheads are much lower than brick and mortar shops, so already your profit margin is going to be higher.

4. Flip websites

Do you have an eye for what makes a great website, and a knack for business? Website flipping is another route you could go down as an instant entrepreneur.

It’s basically the process of buying a website, improving it and then selling it on for profit. Site flipping is similar to real-estate, where investors buy a property, add value by renovating it, and then sell the property on at a higher price.

You do need to know what makes a successful website, and how you can inject value into the site you’ve bought, so this is probably one for the more experienced entrepreneur. There are plenty of websites for sale on Exchange if you do want to try your hand at buying and boosting brands, and it can be varied and fun.

Flipping websites can be really profitable if you’ve got the knowledge and skills, but remember that you do need to invest to start with. Here’s a more in-depth post on buying and flipping websites for profit.

5. Start a subscription service

You may have noticed that the subscription box industry has exploded — particularly in the US — over the last few years. In fact, it’s grown by over 800% in the last 4 years.

Starting up a subscription service entails sending out a monthly package of various products that you’ve picked out for your consumers.

You can pick any kind of niche — there are all sorts of subscription services out there, from beauty boxes like Birchbox, to healthy eating, to book club boxes, and even boxes to help you deal with your period.

The beauty of beginning your own subscription service is that you don’t have to spend time creating your own products — it’s more like product curation, and you put the box together based on your target demographic. You can use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey to establish who your audience are and what they want.

To get inspired, check out these five awesome subscription services and find out what made them successful.

6. Make an app

There are currently over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide — if you can tap into this huge market, you could end up with a pretty lucrative business.

If you’ve got a cool idea for an app, or you’ve found a gap in the market, then why think about designing and developing your own app?

There are various ways that you can make money through apps: in-app purchases, monthly subscriptions, premium versions of your app which can attract viewers with exclusive content.

Whether you’ve got the technical know-how or you’re an app newbie, there are plenty of step-by-step guides to get you started on building your first app. You can also talk to app-development agencies that can help you with the technicalities.

These are just a few business ideas to get you thinking about what kind of instant entrepreneur you want to be. All of them will give you the opportunity to be successful, if you approach them with passion, curiosity and fearlessness.
Are there any of these instant business ideas that take your fancy? Have you been successful with any of these ventures? Let us know in the comments below.
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