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#MillennialTalk Recap: “Inspiring Greatness: Empowering Women Leaders”

*This #Millennialtalk Twitter Chat was powered by KPMG. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

In a world where one could argue that women have to work harder than men in order to advance in their careers, we must come together to empower each other, take a stand and innovate our way to the top! This is exactly what last week’s 2019 KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit was all about and I was honored to attend this event for the second year in a row. I am so passionate about women’s entrepreneurship and leadership and wanted to help propel this conversation forward, so to amplify the KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit’s key insights and inspiration we came together for a dynamic #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat. Women and men from all different careers, backgrounds, and lifestyles came together to discuss how we can empower each other as leaders, shatter stereotypes, and create more opportunity for Women in the C-Suite.

During this Twitter Chat, we talked about the important qualities women leaders need in order to advance, questions leaders should ask their team, how to encourage innovation and so much more! If you want to be enlightened, inspired and motivated, then scroll down. This group of amazing #MillennialTalk participants has so much insight on this incredibly important topic and are sure to #InspireGreatness within you.????

Scroll down for a recap of this weeks Q&A:

@ChelseaKrost: Aside from traits like confidence, resilience, persistence, patience, leadership, & communication. Women need to believe they are worthy and step out of their OWN way! Too often women are their own worst enemies.
@NathalieGregg need to know their strengths and have in their abilities to solve problems, lead teams, and build powerful networks!
@JenOleniczak: Perseverance. An understanding that it’s THAT MUCH HARDER for a woman, because she’s a woman, but also the ability to keep going and keep pushing. Less about being mad about the work, more ready to make it happen. #MillennialTalk


@ChelseaKrost: I think women have to actively suppress their emotions (our human reaction) more in the workplace to “prove” we aren’t “weak.” Even though more empathy & emotional intelligence is so necessary for the workplace & LIFE today!
@KPMGInspire: “Eighty-one percent believe that women must be more adaptable in situations than men in order to lead successfully and advance in their careers.”
@TheOriginalBPC: Women have to work harder to get leadership roles since there are obstacles, barriers and bias women have to overcome. Plus women aren’t really encouraged to be leaders and instead encouraged to take more of a supporting role


@ChelseaKrost: Crowdsourcing is such a powerful & effective exercise for everyone involved. Instead of telling your team – ask your team. Instead of talking @ your team – talk w/ them. Inspire & cultivate a collab. community & greatness will flourish.
@NotOkThatsOk“How do you like to seek praise?” “What support do you need from me?”
@robynstevensPR:“If you owned the company what would you do different? “ You need to welcome change and criticisms from your team! Also, remember you have a team rather than a crew or employees!


@ChelseaKrost: When inserting myself into a new work team I always am eager to learn more about my teammates before sharing about myself. Learning who they are, what they love, what they creatively envision, what they wish to change, personal goals. Fastest way to turn a team off is to come in guns blazing, thinking you know everything, & have disregard what has been accomplished before you came in. I just had an experience w/ ???? new leader & he was the demise of the entire team. ????????
@GoldieChanOne of the best things you can do as a new female leader – as a leader in general – is to set the example of listening and processing what your teams say to you.
@winniesun:Listen, be open, kind, and learn the company culture. Show kindness to all regardless of position and soon your new workplace will be your work home. Then, only then, have you earned the right, to make your mark.


@ChelseaKrost: I love this – in order to encourage innovation, we must encourage our team to color outside the lines, think outside the box, take risks, & not hesitate to speak their truth creatively.
@simmonetRepeat after me: “There are no bad ideas” Most innovation’s stifled by 1 of 3 responses: 1. We’ve tried that before & it didn’t work 2. That idea will never work 3. We don’t have [money | resources | time] to try it Innovation’s abt encouraging & empowering ideas
@KPMGInspire: “Leadership is the ability to bring people together toward common purpose” ????@CondoleezzaRice
@ChelseaKrost: I’m sorry, this is simple! The leader of the team is the fuel to the team’s fire. The team feeds off your creative juices, your positive feedback, your collaborative process. THE LEADER = TEAM CREATIVE & EXCITEMENT & WORK ETHIC
@CardozaGab: How can leaders encourage collaboration? Create a CULTURE that VALUES
???????? empathy
???????? creativity
???????? diversity
???????? lifelong learning
???????? failing forward
???????? transparency
???????? communication
@KPMGInspire: Key findings from the ‘Advancing the Future of Women in Business’ study: Transformational (39%) and democratic (34%) leadership styles are viewed as the best styles to motivate employees.
@ChelseaKrost: Continue to educate yourself – never stop learning, growing thriving. Expose yourself to new communities, networking groups, & experiences to fuel you mentally, physically, & creatively forward.
@BrianHartPR: Female leaders, especially those in male-dominated industries, can catapult their advancement by establishing themselves as thought leaders, subject matter experts and local celebrities
@ChelseaKrost: THANKFULLY we have more access, more of a reach/voice than ever, more dialogue, more role models, & more support encouraging WOMEN to advance to the C-suite & beyond. We have work to do but the convo is loud & there is no shushing us.
@JenOleniczak: Women are not leading like men anymore. They are leading like themselves. Starting to at least
@ChelseaKrost: Help brew others Entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t cap others potential, limit others voices, fear others competitive potential, or creative genius. Lean in, listen, collaborate. Let’s focus on the present and future not what was in the past.
@FlannCasey: People leave bosses, not companies. Invest in your people and provide the flexibility and allow them to be themselves.

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