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#MillennialTalk- A Fun And Informative New Twitter Chat for Millennials


I am “extremely” excited to announce that starting Tuesday, December 10 at 8 pm EST, I will be hosting a weekly Twitter Chat for Millennials called #MillennialTalk. Every week, we are going to be discussing topics that are relevant to Millennials such as career tips, finances, health, education, entrepreneurship.

This week’s #MillennialTalk twitter chat will be focusing on Cyber Security and Cyber Scams since we are in the midst of holiday season and Millennials are especially vulnerable due to our internet usage. Find out why Millennials are more attractive targets for Cyber Scammers when older people seem more gullible. Our cohost is Adam

K Levin, @Adam_K_Levin founder of

If this is your first time participating in a Twitter chat, the 2 easiest ways are via or if you don’t use Hootsuite, If you have any questions please tweet me @chelseakrost .

You can follow our new #MillennialTalk Pinterest board and stay in touch with us there to find out the latest. Would love your comments and input on our chat board.

Feel free to leave your suggestions below here too about what you would like to talk about on #Millenial Talk. Cannot wait to see you Dec 10 at 8 pm ET #MillennialTalk.



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  1. I thought the topics were great. I like the ability to interact with others who are following the discussion. This really is a great outlet for networking.

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